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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cold weather this morning in New Brunswick!

Ok, watch it for yourself....

This is unbelievable!

It wasn’t that cold in Montreal for sure! Last year, I spend the whole year, including the winter season, without my usual monthly metro pass. I walked 45 minutes to go to work. It was a great way to keep in my pockets 70$ and on top of that, I was exercising daily, walking closed to 2 hours a day.

I don’t think I could do the same thing here in this X town of New Brunswick. Terrible cold weather and despite being a REAL Canadian, I never of my life got used to the cold weather.

A -18-19, is EXTREME.

But me aware, this week is going to be extreme as I am going to convert some Canadian dollars into US ones and we’re certainly going to invest in some USA blue chips!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The American Dream or almost

Yesterday, I went for a visit to the country of Barack Obama, Lady Gaga and Annie Jean!


That’s right, yesterday, I went to the USA!

I didn’t went for a good 10 years+, because I was away. But while being back here in my hometown, I find it nice to own a passport to cross board like in the old days. Old days that are not that old. You can read about my cross boarding adventure right here. Also yesterday, I received 31.32$ in dividend from Fortis Inc. (FTS). Nice!

Following what, I had an idea about getting more US dollars in my portfolio. At this time, the exchange rate provided by my TD Waterhouse broker account is the following: $1.00 USD = $1.0325 CDN. A $1,000.00 CDN worth $968.52 USD. Not bad, but we had a better exchange rate for our Canadian dollars before. I want more of those:

For the past couple weeks, I didn’t invest. I had no idea what to do with my money. Getting more US dollars could be a good idea and it’s time more than ever to get some US dollars before it gain more in value. I am really happy about my finding. It took a trip to the US to get a plan for my money.

Hopefully, I will invest in US blue chips and get super rich, the American way.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why you shouldn’t be investing in BCE Inc. (BCE)

At this time, I am in a phase were I don’t know what to do with my money. I use to invest every months or so whenever I had money available. What happen these past couple days is that I have money available, but I no longer know in what to invest. Because of a margin account situation, I always invest in my non-registered account. Forget about TFSA. The ultimate goal had become to keep me out of a margin call. Also, because ambitious has no end, I also want to see the value of my margin account increased and of course, I also want to see the value of my portfolio increased.

Overall, the fun is to invest-invest-invest! Part of this certainly comes from the fact that I have a small net worth (close to 70k at this time). For someone of my age (31), a 70k is really not that much. However, that 70k satisfy me. At first, I only wanted to invest to have a bit of cash on the side. But years past – maybe too quickly – but I realize how easy it was to build a portfolio. So I just never stop. At least until recently. It has become more difficult than ever to find something to invest in. A reader has suggested Visa (V). Nice idea, but Visa trades in US dollars. I am exclusively looking for real Canuck stuff at this time. Don’t forget my margin situation in my broker account please.

Ok, so all this to say that despite not knowing in what to invest new anymore, well, today, I learned that BCE Inc. (BCE) had increased its dividend of 5%. However, BCE Inc. (BCE) is of noooooo interest for me. Why? I am going to explain, as always. You know that this is the blog to read when it comes to personal finance right?

First of all, BCE Inc. (BCE) headquarters are located in Montreal, Quebec province. What you need to know is that Quebeckers are extremely selfish individuals. There’s a lot of corruption going on in Quebec, we recently saw that in the construction sector and even more recently, in Quebec public kindergartens. In Quebec, citizens accept living in corruption. You’ll learn about their corrupt system in the news. That’s because they are proud of it. They are proud of their shit like I am proud of my 70k net worth. Quebeckers like to expose their corruption, but they are not willing to see it change.

Quebeckers are not good Canadian citizens. They are cheaters and liars and have to respect to Canadian roots. Bloc Québécois, Parti Québécois, Pauline Marois, Gilles Duceppe, just to name a few organizations and a few names, just a few examples of Quebec misery, cheaters to the Canadian country, not loyals, cheaters, liars, corruptive. In their willingness to succeed, Quebeckers messed out badly. In Quebec province, the Québec sovereignty movement is getting stronger.

As an investor, it’s extremely important to know exactly what’s going with Quebec province.

Are you going to invest in companies located in Quebec knowing exactly how badly that province is manage. The massive part of Quebec is not proud of being part from Canada. Our dollars are Canadian dollars. It’s more than important to keep investing exclusively in companies located outside Quebec province.

What’s going to happen once Quebec will become a country? If you invest in a company that has its headquarters in Quebec province, you increase your chances of losing all of your capital. You are investing in a province that doesn’t believe in the power of Canada. You are investing in a disrespectful province. In a province of cheaters. From my experience, all the companies based in Quebec province that I had invested in haven’t performed too well. Need an example? Yellow Media Inc. (YLO). Timminco (TIM). Those were 2 disastrous Quebec stock pick.

Don’t take your Canadian bucks to increase the capital value of Quebec province. That will be very wrong.

One day or the other, BCE Inc. (BCE) will decrease in value. And when it will happen, I will be protected because I do not hold any BCE stocks in my portfolio.

Invest safely and wisely. Canadian bucks need to remain FOR and IN Canada for Canadian companies.

Forget about BCE. It’s recent dividend increased is just a tactic to distract investors from the fact that the company is located in Quebec.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On how to deal with the market volatility without going nuts: a study case with Just Energy Group Inc. (JE)

There’s something I have in mind as post idea that I wanted to share for quite some time and I think that now than ever than before, this is the perfect time to write about it.

I am a HUGE Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) fan. I don’t know if someone can really be “fan” of a specific business, but I am a fan of Just Energy.

You really have to read about Rebecca MacDonald here and there on the Web because her business story is closely related to the journey that all began when she left her country for Canada decades ago. Now, new players had been added to Just Energy management, but it’s always the same company. On her first operational year, Rebecca MacDonald had recorded a profit of 35 000$.

Years later, it’s now millions and millions of dollars that this woman worth. More than just a personal story, Just Energy is a successful business story. I had been holding Just Energy for quite a while. Months after months, the dividend payments are steady and reliable. Even recently, the company announced their decision to keep their 1.24$ annual distribution intact. Nothing is guarantee, but base on my past experience with JE, the company is reliable.

More than one time, I had received special dividend payments of Just Energy. MORE THAN ONCE.

For strategic reasons, Just Energy had decided to extend its successful business in the USA. That move was quite brilliant coming from Just Energy because once the US economy will rebounded, Just Energy title will also rebound. Simple is that. This is my view of JE situation at this time.

You need to decide now if you are a believer or not.

The past couple months had been rough for Just Energy Group Inc. (JE). The company had fall from a 13$+ value to 10$. Other good stocks from my portfolio had been through the same rough time. They are Pengrowth Energy Corporation (PGF) and EnCana Corporation (ECA), among other. For a reason or another, because of a mix of factors and circumstances, stocks like Just Energy go through a hard time when the economy is unstable.

Is it because Just Energy had fall from 13$ to 10$ that it mean that JE had lost all of its value and security? Is it because EnCana Corporation (ECA) had fall from 30$ to 20$ that we need to sell the stock in a rush? Is it because Pengrowth Energy Corporation (PGF) had fall from 13$ to 10-11$ that you need to sell the stock?

COME ON! JE has debt like I have debt. Does it necessarily mean that I am not financially wealthy? I don't think so. It's all a matter of point of view.

What I really wanted to share is this: Your immediate reactions while facing the market volatility will determine if you are going to be a successful investor or not.

I don’t have many years of experience as a stock investor, but overall, I now been investing for the past 7 years. For stocks, it’s been 4 years. The past 4 years had been full of experience. Imagine: I started investing in stocks in 2008! Do you remember what happen in 2008? In 2008, the world economy collapse and I wasn’t ready.

Just before the stock crash of 2008, I had invested 5 000$ of my hard earned money in Sprott Inc. (SII), 10$ per stock. I had pitched 5k of my very own money in one single stock! Why? Because I was and I am still am a Sprott Inc. (SII) believer. Following the stock crash of 2008, Sprott Inc. (SII) valued went down under 5$! If I remember well, it even went, at a point, under the 4$ per stock! While facing this enormous capital loss in my portfolio, what have I done? I HOLD. I hold because for me, it was very cleared that SII was being a victim of the crash.

So here come the main point, to be a successful investor, you need to be able to deal with the market volatility. If I would have sell my SII stocks during the 2008 stock crash, I would have lost thousands of dollars! You need to be able to tell the difference between a stock being victim of the worldwide economic situation and a trouble stock.

A stock that is simply a victim of what’s going on around it has the ability to rebound when the stock market will gain points again. This is what stocks like JE, PGF and ECA just to name a few are in at this time. Don’t ever sell a stock that has the capacity to rebound. It will be a huge mistake and you could not be able to ever recover from your capital loss because if you sell, the capital loss isn’t going to be just paper stuff related, it will be a real registered capital loss, the real big deal.

In the other hand, a trouble stock is a stock that cannot handle itself. The best example of a trouble stock would be Yellow Media Inc. (YLO). I had some YLO stocks that I sold a couple of months ago at something like 5$ per stock. Following what, YLO had become a penny stocks. Yellow Media Inc. (YLO) now trade at less than 30 cents per stock. This is what I call, ladies and gentlemen, a TROUBLE STOCK.

Now, it’s not always easy to get if a stock is just being a victim of a situation or if it’s a trouble stock. I admit that of course.

From my experience, I haven’t got too much trouble finding out, especially following my learning disastrous experience with Timminco (TIM) that I wrote many many times about. You can do a search in the search engine located at your right if you are willing to learn more about my experience with Timminco (TIM).

I still hold Timminco (TIM) in my portfolio and the current 4k capital loss that I am experiencing in my non-registered portfolio is coming from Timminco because I had lost 4 000$ in that investment. But that’s how it went for. Even following the Timminco disaster, even following the 2008 stock crash, I had been able to recover. Being able to recover mean being able to recover from capital loss, it mean being able to make it so the capital gain exceed the capital loss. It’s not something easy to do, but I did it more than once and I can certainly do it again.

It’s not easy to invest in stock, but it’s not difficult either.

Overtime, I came with a few real basics rule that really help me to build my capital.

We can discuss a few of them. It’s nothing magic, real basic.

Don’t invest in penny stocks. From what I remember, my investment in DNI was my last penny stock investment. It turn out that I did pretty well on it – but that been AFTER 2 years of holding. From my experience, penny stocks are not very healthy to hold and it’s not the kind of stock you can buy to build up your capital. Avoid penny stocks.

No no to day trading.

Day trading could seem appealing. If you like the stock market as much as I do, you’ll probably, once of these days, try day trading. I experience a capital loss of 1 000$ while day trading. I share it all on my blog. It happens this past summer. I was successful with a couple of trades, but at the end, lost a 1k and I end it there. If I would have continue, I maybe would have able to recover.

Only problem being that I find all of the day trading activities related extremely difficult and at a point, I was getting very tired. I was working at night and during the day I was in front of my laptop all day long. The market was difficult to follow. Not to forget that in the beginning of August 2011, we had another stock crash. It all really burn me and I didn’t want to continue. I felt my life was losing all meaning and I was completely drained.

The stock market will continue to be difficult, you can be sure of that. These days, nothing is stable. The market is playing the yo-yo on and off. It’s exhausting, even while being outside the day trading game. Better to play it safe while investing in stock. Day trading is out of the question.

Diversify, diversify, diversify.

Diversify in different companies, different sectors. Gold, silver. Invest in all. go baby! :)

Also, don’t invest too much of your money in one single company.

Among the way, you may like to invest in GICs and fixed income and/or left something in your banking account to have money aside in case of need. It could happen that the market is down when you need to cash out your stock. And you certainly don’t want to experiment a direct capital loss and you certainly don’t want to sell any of your stocks anyway.

Don’t over-push it. Don’t feel like investing? Well, simply don’t invest. Don’t rush anything. It's ok not to invest. Take for example Jean-François Tardif who had said, not too long ago, that he only invested 30% of what he owns in cash! I finally come to a point where I accept the fact that I may not going to invest anymore.

This is something specifically related to my own situation. I had been investing for the past 7 years, 4 of those last years in stocks. About 2 weeks ago, I had some money to invest, but for the first time ever, nothing interested me. I didn’t feel like investing. I didn’t find anything new to invest in.

Following what, I stop my search and simply decided not to invest. I am going to receive my paycheck next week. And again, so far, no new stocks ideas had tempted me, I am not falling for anything new.

Not that I have the best portfolio you can ever, but personally, I have invested in everything that I ever wanted. I don’t want to invest more in any of the stocks I hold. When I invest, I always try to get something that is not currently from my portfolio. I always try to get something new. So because I had filled my stock aspirations, I can pay off some debt of mines and stop my search. Maybe something will come among the way. Maybe I will invest in BA, POT or Canadian Tired some other time but right now, the excitement is not there. I don’t feel like it at all.

Is it a good or a bad thing? I don’t know, but at a point, the necessity to pay off some debt is there. If I can reduce my debt, the 7k in dividend income will be net no interest to be paid on debt. So that’s where I am at now. I don’t have any more stock aspirations and I am slowly getting use to the new situation.

I pretty much wrote all of what I had in mind for tonight, if not that if you feel like investing, you may want to exclusively focus on blue chips. Don't focus too much on the dividend you are earning. It's not overnight that you are going to be able to stop working anyway. Be happy at work even if you don't like your job (I know something about that!).

It's all a matter of artificial intelligence. Consider yourself lucky to be alive, to be living in a peaceful country like Canada (if you live in here of course), to actually have a job, consider yourself lucky to be able to pay your bills. go to work each morning with a big fake smile on your face and you'll see, people won't even think of the smile as being fake because don't overlook at each other. Gotcha?

I know investing can be difficult, but simple tactics can help at the end. I think investors have the responsibility to think for themselves and have to seek for answers. Remember that at the end, you have the ultimate power of decision. To hold, buy or sell. All that cash is yours after all. Show it all and make something better than any BMO Bank of Montreal (BMO) staff.

Go for the WOW factor.

Fight for your own rules and make it happen.

And now, what are you waiting for?


Mega investment portfolio pow-wow

My non-registered portfolio is now at 112 492.28$. It’s a good 2k+ increased compare to November 11. Whenever my portfolio value is up, I usually post an update for the entire portfolio but for now, I am not feeling like it. If you ever have check out my portfolio, it’s composed of multiple stocks, multiple mutual funds, segregated funds, GICs... It’s getting harder and harder to update it each and single time the TSX is finishing the day in a pow-wow note.

It’s a job by itself and my portfolio grows, grows and grows. I might be close to the 160k now but it’s not like we are going to know for sure tonight. Some readers also request a dividend income or dividend yield value update. Well, guess what, you can do that part by yourself! Having access to my entire very precious portfolio, my top players, my debt and my dividend income should be more than enough, don’t you think so? At a point, some people have to learn to respect the fact that I cannot do it all. This blog is a hobby and it meant for entertaining, I am not under the obligation to provide specific information upon request. I write on what I feel can be an interested. I am not feeling like doing some research for lazy readers. Want to know which of my stocks had experiment a dividend yield increased this year? You have my investment portfolio and all the stocks I hold, so you can the search yourself. LOL.

Personally, I have a clear overview of what’s going on in my portfolio because I do my best to follow my stocks. I do a lot of reading. I won’t become specific on stuff that no longer matter to me. Dividend yield is good info, but I am no longer keeping my interest on dividend yield, either on kicking the 200k mark. Actually, I don’t care about much those days.

Can you imagine that I am at more than 112k in my non-registered portfolio alone? That’s quite good actually. This is reducing my capital loss to 4 283.77$ inside my non-registered portfolio part alone. Not too bad! It’s getting much better. As for the dividend income, I guess I will be at 7k for the end of 2012.

2011 had been a difficult but successful investment year.

Monday, December 5, 2011

DNI Metals Inc. (DNI): This is the WOW factor!

I am a fan of a US TV show name Storage Wars that played on the channel A&E. First time I listen to Storage Wars, I really got into it, all that auction deal, and it was all really interesting. But even more interesting are the “characters” of the show. There’s a cute couple, Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante. They have 2 (?) kids and they own a store.

You have the hot looking senior collector, Barry Weiss. I watched Barry Weiss throwing away what he had bought at the storage auctions many many times. The man is a collector. Anything that is collectible has an interest to Barry Weiss. From painting, to sculpture, to anything else that could fit in a museum. And even while finding something collectible, it happen that if a piece is interesting enough, he won’t sell the item; he will simply keep it for himself. He’s certainly the only one doing that on Storage Wars! You have the friendly auctioneers’ couple: Dan and Laura Dotson. “And don’t forget to pay the lady” had become her punch line, as she probably had said that line thousands of times in and off the Storage Wars show. YUUUP!

That’s probably what Dave Hester would have answer to that! When Dave Hester is in fired, he screams YUUUP!! And when Dave Hester wants something, he gets it. But watch out! Dave Hester is not the only hard players of Storage Wars!

“This is the WOW factor” is actually a punch line of Darrell Sheets, known as Darrell the Gambler. If you watch Storage Wars, the chances are you’ll also see is son, Brandon Sheets. If you are curious to see what kind of stuff Darrell Sheets have, and if you’ll like to buy from his store, you now can. Just click here.

As you can see, Storage Wars is very entertaining. It could be seen as a reality TV show, actually, but in better. So welcome to the Storage Wars!

That Storage Wars is all very entertaining but what’s the relation between ME and The WOW factor? Well, today, once again, DNI Metals Inc. (DNI) was a WOW factor! I wrote a lot about DNI Metals Inc. (DNI) in the pass couple months. But that’s because DNI keep getting deeper and deeper into the WOW factor baby! This penny stock is performing very well. Just today, DNI registered a gain of 5.71%! That was today alone! Because DNI keep going and going...

That’s the WOW factor!



Saturday, December 3, 2011

My top stock performers of the time

While the TMX keeps playing the yo-yo, well, even during those times, some of my best stocks pick are actually strong enough to register a capital gain. It’s not all of my stocks who perform that well, but I have a couple stocks on which I had done very well.

I am still holding those stocks. I am not looking forward to sell any of them.

Here they are, by best stocks performers:

Canadian National Railway Co (CNR)
Initial amount of money invested: 2 144.40$
Current investment value: 2 359$
Capital gain: + 214.60$

Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A)
Initial amount of money invested: 1 500$
Current investment value: 1 810$
Capital gain: + 310$

Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (ENF)
Initial amount of money invested: 5 898.90$
Current investment value: 6 627$
Capital gain: + 728.10$

Exchange Income Corporation (EIF)
Initial amount of money invested: 6 898.08$
Current investment value: 7 177$
Capital gain: + 278.92$

Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (FC)
Initial amount of money invested: 510.79$
Current investment value: 518$
Capital gain: + 7.21$

Fortis Inc. (FTS)
Initial amount of money invested: 2 710.73$
Current investment value: 3 507$
Capital gain: + 796.70$

Horizons Gold Yield Fund (HGY.UN)
Initial amount of money invested: 2 019.91$
Current investment value: 2 020$
Capital gain: + 0.09$ (!)

K-Bro Linen Inc. (KBL)
Initial amount of money invested: 2 034.99$
Current investment value: 2 110$
Capital gain: + 75.01$

iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index (XRE)
Initial amount of money invested: 2 106.37$
Current investment value: 2 324$
Capital gain: + 217.63$

Methanex Corporation (MX)
Initial amount of money invested: 1 626.80$
Current investment value: 2 537$
Capital gain: + 910.20$

Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL)
Initial amount of money invested: 6 846.70$
Current investment value: 13 354$
Capital gain: + 6 507.30$

TMX Group Inc. (X)
Initial amount of money invested: 4 285.69$
Current investment value: 4 455$
Capital gain: + 169.31$

TransCanada Corp (TRP)
Initial amount of money invested: 1 016.74$
Current investment value: 1 076$
Capital gain: + 59.26$

WesternOne Equity Income Fund (WEQ.UN)
Initial amount of money invested: 2 061.99$
Current investment value: 2 413$
Capital gain: + 351.01$

Westshore Terminals Invest Corp (WTE.UN)
Initial amount of money invested: 4 631.99$
Current investment value: 4 782$
Capital gain: + 150.01$

DNI Metals Inc. (DNI)
Initial amount of money invested: 690$
Current investment value: 977.50$
Capital gain: + 287.50$

Claymore Gold Bullion ETF (CGL)
Initial amount of money invested: 3 587.30$
Current investment value: 5 280$
Capital gain: + 1 692.70$

Emera Incorporated (EMA)
Initial amount of money invested: 5 340.18$
Current investment value: 7 030$
Capital gain: + 1 689.82$


The stock market is the place for smart girls: How to make of few hundreds of dollars without working

It’s been a great week for my portfolio. I closed the week at a fantastic 110 894$ (for my non-registered part). So it was certainly something. On Friday December 2, DNI Metals (DNI) finished on a happy note. So watch it out. I am a specialist when it comes to DNI Metals (DNI) (or something like it lol!). I had followed this stock since June 2009. In June 2009, I wanted to experience what I now know under the name of day trading. I wanted to perform a short buy-and-sell move in order to make a couple of bucks.

Back in June 2009, DNI Metals (DNI) was under the name of Dumont Nickel (DNI). It’s following the 8 to 1 fusion, that Dumont Nickel (DNI) became DNI Metals (DNI). I prefer Dumont Nickel better because I find it more enigmatic. Who is Dumont anyway? DNI Metals is just a repetition of the stock ticket inside the appellation of the name. And it sucks. Dumont and Nickel were giving a meaning to the company name. DNI Metals is not a half better as name.

However, the now DNI Metals (DNI) had rocked the Venture once again. If I would have sold my DNI stocks Friday following the HIT, I would had made a profit of close to 400$. I was smart enough to transfer DNI from my non-registered account to my TFSA. This mean that whenever I sell DNI at profit, I won’t have to pay taxes on the capital gain made baby. That’s really how smart I had moved with DNI. This stock had worked extremely well for me. But in June 2009, I had been disappointed at a point because I wasn’t able to sell immediately at profit. However, it’s not something that upset me, I could live with it and I told myself, 600$ is not going to bankrupt me.

Ever since, from time to time, DNI had boom in value and had made me really happy. I think that DNI had the opportunity to later become a dollar stock. By dollar stock, I mean a stock that trade at 1$ (at least). The road from a penny stock situation to a dollar stock could still be long, but I had been holding DNI since 2009 so I can certainly hold it for a couple of years and see what happen. At this point of my journey, not that I did it all when it come to stocks. I never invested in options or bonds. There are many things I don’t know about the stock market but those other things don’t really interest me at this time. I read Derek Foster book about options but following what, I didn’t get it all, my reading wasn’t enough to make me understand options and it wasn’t of a real interest for me. I didn’t try to understand options.

Also, don’t go and think that all of my trades are this successful. I had lost 4 000$ in Timminco (TIM). At the time the incident happen, in 2008 or 2009, I didn’t know too much about stocks and I mess around, even more than now lol. Timminco (TIM) was promoted by Eric Sprott and at the time, my confident in Eric Sprott was unbelievable. So when Timminco (TIM) plunges, I didn’t sell because it was an Eric Sprott stock. I didn’t know better. I took a hugeeee burn, but this is how I learn that when a stock is in trouble: SELL WITHOUT A MOMENT OF HESITATION. Because I learned something from this experience, I had been able to sell Yellow Media (YLO) when trouble really began. That was a couple of months ago. In result, I had kept in my pocket thousands of dollars. I only lost something like 300$ in term of capital loss. GENIUS. And the best thing is, because of this blog, you have access for free to my very awesome portfolio, you have access to all my strategies, everything I know about the stock market so enjoy and try to be smart as I am now ok?

If it takes bad experiences to learn, well, I certainly learn a lot from the Timminco (TIM) disaster and you know what? Eric Sprott own me 4 000$. Eric Sprott is the reason behind my failure.

However, I kept following Eric Sprott because I find the man could had made a mistake, but I really want to get the hell out of him and take whatever the best damn thing could be coming out of him. And what had been that best damn thing? SILVER. Why did I stick to the advices of a man that made me lost 4 000$ on the stock market anyway? Can somebody explain that to me?

Well, because he’s Eric Sprott. That’s the only reason why and the only thing that I share with Eric Sprott is a love for Native art, craft. That’s the only part that I share with Eric Sprott ok, nothing else. Really nothing else. Don’t ever think that my Timminco (TIM) experience had burned my wings, because it didn’t. I think that event happen in 2008 because in 2009-2010, I totally recover. And among the same time, my Sprott Inc. (SII) stocks had decreased from 10$ to 4$ or 3$. What a mess! However, I did what I do best: I hold and later on, the title recover, hitting back close to 10$. Currently, SII trade under 10$. But it won’t be long that the title will exceed the 10$. This stock had the capacity to reach the 20$ later on in the future. You know of course that Eric Sprott is going to start a bank. When it happen, big $$$ to me!!!

You like to double your money on a stock? It happens to me once with Methanex (MX). My Methanex super starrrrrrrrrrrrrr! And it’s going to happen too with SII, in case you didn’t know.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

TMX Group Inc. and Maple Group Acquisition Corporation: will the deal come to an end?

Several months ago, while learning about the TMX Group project to get acquired by someone else, I felt that I had my chances to make big bucks. Without thinking twice, I made that spectacular moves, I bought 100 stocks of the TMX Group (X). It was something spectacular because here I was, using margin account money to place a close to 5k investment.

Several months had passed and the TMX Group (X) is still the same. Why? Because of that Maple Group Acquisition Corporation bullshit. The Maple Group is not an existing company. It doesn’t have any head quarters. The Maple Group doesn’t trade itself on the TMX. In other words, the Maple Group is an artificial company build by banks and other financial players in order to but even more bullshit in the system. Banks want to have a complete control over the TMX and it’s certainly the scariest thing ever. It means more power for the banks. And that’s not all. 

Among the 13 players or something like of that number involved in the Maple Group, many of them are Quebec based banks and companies. I don’t think Canadians want to have the precious TMX darling being control directly or indirectly control by some dumb Quebeckers. They are cheaters of the Canadian country and they have nothing to do about our financial health. See what Brian Mulroney had done. That’s just a quick overview of Quebec bad leadership. Many Quebeckers vote for the Bloc Québécois, an independent movement lead by Pauline Marois. I had lived in Quebec province for a couple of years and I had kept a horrible experience from my stay in the Quebec province. No access to health care, no equity, poor paying jobs. That’s what I had experimented in Quebec, not to say the very bad customer services I got from the Eaton Center TD Waterhouse office located in Montreal, from the Scotiabank located on McGill, and not to talk about the RBC bank located at the Place-des-arts, many of my financial related experiences were very very bad in Quebec province. Why? Because it’s difficult for Quebeckers to act correctly in front of a girl who has money and knows exactly what she wants to do with it.

Fact is, Quebeckers don’t have the integrity and willingness it takes to be part of something really major like the Canadian country. So let’s please forget any involvement of Quebeckers in our TMX. Everything Quebec does as a province and a future country is out of movement and out of distinction and integrity. The very arrogant Luc Bertrand, Vice-Chairman of the National Bank Financial is the spoke person of the Maple Group. In reality, the Maple Group does not exist. It’s not an entity who had made its proof. The Maple Group doesn’t have a real existing market value.

The Maple Group had been pushing over the TMX stockholders to have a deal approved. At 50$ per stock + divided earned during the waiting approval period, I can tell you for sure that the best option to go with, is to move with the maximum cash offer.

The major Canadian banks are into the Maple Group just to rip us off. What do I have to say to the Maple Group and to Luc Bertrand? Kiss ME and I am out of there!

I am saying a big NO to the Maple Group and is saying HELLO hundreds of $$$ in profit.

I know, sometime I really got it all.

Stop the disaster, say NO to Quebec province bad leadership, say YES to an independent TMX. And, of course, say YES to the cash.

Maximum cash is the way to go. Want to fuck with investors? Well than, it’s going to cost those bankers some big cash. That’s what I call an interesting move. Will it go through or not by January 31, 2012? I don’t know. But what I do know for sure is that I don’t want to have any Quebeckers being involved in the Canadian financial system.

Now, the question being is will Stephen Harper Tories government will let this happen?

Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (FC) is now offering a 2% discount to its dividend reinvestment plan

I am quite happy this evening as despite the fact that the TSX lost some points, my non-registered portfolio is at 111 585$. Anything exceeding the 100k is quite awesome in the stock market reality that we are in. I received my paycheque today, and despite receiving a couple of hundreds in fresh cash, well, I don’t have any investment plan for it. This is the first time ever I am not investing while having access to some real cold cash. I made a deposit and took 600$ to pay off my credit card. I know! 600$!!! I had spent money on a new pair of glasses, among other. My expenses will be much lower next month.

2011 had been an adventurous year where I invested in all kind of stocks. My dividend income for 2011 will probably be of 7k. It will probably be the same for 2012 if not getting excited by new investment. But a 7k in very good, no need to push it too hard at this time. Especially while being close to 90k in debt. Slowly but certainly, those debt are going to be paid off. It’s not anytime soon that I will be able to live from my dividend income anyway.

I wrote about this in a comment, but I am totally against cancelling my DRIP to use the dividend money earned to pay off debt. Fact is, some companies like JE and FC are offering an interesting discount.

This Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (FC) is a Gordon Pape investment. Recently, FC came with this great move: the company is now offering a 2% discount to its dividend reinvestment plan. Cool! I am now getting a discount with Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (FC).

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