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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mega investment portfolio pow-wow

My non-registered portfolio is now at 112 492.28$. It’s a good 2k+ increased compare to November 11. Whenever my portfolio value is up, I usually post an update for the entire portfolio but for now, I am not feeling like it. If you ever have check out my portfolio, it’s composed of multiple stocks, multiple mutual funds, segregated funds, GICs... It’s getting harder and harder to update it each and single time the TSX is finishing the day in a pow-wow note.

It’s a job by itself and my portfolio grows, grows and grows. I might be close to the 160k now but it’s not like we are going to know for sure tonight. Some readers also request a dividend income or dividend yield value update. Well, guess what, you can do that part by yourself! Having access to my entire very precious portfolio, my top players, my debt and my dividend income should be more than enough, don’t you think so? At a point, some people have to learn to respect the fact that I cannot do it all. This blog is a hobby and it meant for entertaining, I am not under the obligation to provide specific information upon request. I write on what I feel can be an interested. I am not feeling like doing some research for lazy readers. Want to know which of my stocks had experiment a dividend yield increased this year? You have my investment portfolio and all the stocks I hold, so you can the search yourself. LOL.

Personally, I have a clear overview of what’s going on in my portfolio because I do my best to follow my stocks. I do a lot of reading. I won’t become specific on stuff that no longer matter to me. Dividend yield is good info, but I am no longer keeping my interest on dividend yield, either on kicking the 200k mark. Actually, I don’t care about much those days.

Can you imagine that I am at more than 112k in my non-registered portfolio alone? That’s quite good actually. This is reducing my capital loss to 4 283.77$ inside my non-registered portfolio part alone. Not too bad! It’s getting much better. As for the dividend income, I guess I will be at 7k for the end of 2012.

2011 had been a difficult but successful investment year.

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