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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The stock market is the place for smart girls: How to make of few hundreds of dollars without working

It’s been a great week for my portfolio. I closed the week at a fantastic 110 894$ (for my non-registered part). So it was certainly something. On Friday December 2, DNI Metals (DNI) finished on a happy note. So watch it out. I am a specialist when it comes to DNI Metals (DNI) (or something like it lol!). I had followed this stock since June 2009. In June 2009, I wanted to experience what I now know under the name of day trading. I wanted to perform a short buy-and-sell move in order to make a couple of bucks.

Back in June 2009, DNI Metals (DNI) was under the name of Dumont Nickel (DNI). It’s following the 8 to 1 fusion, that Dumont Nickel (DNI) became DNI Metals (DNI). I prefer Dumont Nickel better because I find it more enigmatic. Who is Dumont anyway? DNI Metals is just a repetition of the stock ticket inside the appellation of the name. And it sucks. Dumont and Nickel were giving a meaning to the company name. DNI Metals is not a half better as name.

However, the now DNI Metals (DNI) had rocked the Venture once again. If I would have sold my DNI stocks Friday following the HIT, I would had made a profit of close to 400$. I was smart enough to transfer DNI from my non-registered account to my TFSA. This mean that whenever I sell DNI at profit, I won’t have to pay taxes on the capital gain made baby. That’s really how smart I had moved with DNI. This stock had worked extremely well for me. But in June 2009, I had been disappointed at a point because I wasn’t able to sell immediately at profit. However, it’s not something that upset me, I could live with it and I told myself, 600$ is not going to bankrupt me.

Ever since, from time to time, DNI had boom in value and had made me really happy. I think that DNI had the opportunity to later become a dollar stock. By dollar stock, I mean a stock that trade at 1$ (at least). The road from a penny stock situation to a dollar stock could still be long, but I had been holding DNI since 2009 so I can certainly hold it for a couple of years and see what happen. At this point of my journey, not that I did it all when it come to stocks. I never invested in options or bonds. There are many things I don’t know about the stock market but those other things don’t really interest me at this time. I read Derek Foster book about options but following what, I didn’t get it all, my reading wasn’t enough to make me understand options and it wasn’t of a real interest for me. I didn’t try to understand options.

Also, don’t go and think that all of my trades are this successful. I had lost 4 000$ in Timminco (TIM). At the time the incident happen, in 2008 or 2009, I didn’t know too much about stocks and I mess around, even more than now lol. Timminco (TIM) was promoted by Eric Sprott and at the time, my confident in Eric Sprott was unbelievable. So when Timminco (TIM) plunges, I didn’t sell because it was an Eric Sprott stock. I didn’t know better. I took a hugeeee burn, but this is how I learn that when a stock is in trouble: SELL WITHOUT A MOMENT OF HESITATION. Because I learned something from this experience, I had been able to sell Yellow Media (YLO) when trouble really began. That was a couple of months ago. In result, I had kept in my pocket thousands of dollars. I only lost something like 300$ in term of capital loss. GENIUS. And the best thing is, because of this blog, you have access for free to my very awesome portfolio, you have access to all my strategies, everything I know about the stock market so enjoy and try to be smart as I am now ok?

If it takes bad experiences to learn, well, I certainly learn a lot from the Timminco (TIM) disaster and you know what? Eric Sprott own me 4 000$. Eric Sprott is the reason behind my failure.

However, I kept following Eric Sprott because I find the man could had made a mistake, but I really want to get the hell out of him and take whatever the best damn thing could be coming out of him. And what had been that best damn thing? SILVER. Why did I stick to the advices of a man that made me lost 4 000$ on the stock market anyway? Can somebody explain that to me?

Well, because he’s Eric Sprott. That’s the only reason why and the only thing that I share with Eric Sprott is a love for Native art, craft. That’s the only part that I share with Eric Sprott ok, nothing else. Really nothing else. Don’t ever think that my Timminco (TIM) experience had burned my wings, because it didn’t. I think that event happen in 2008 because in 2009-2010, I totally recover. And among the same time, my Sprott Inc. (SII) stocks had decreased from 10$ to 4$ or 3$. What a mess! However, I did what I do best: I hold and later on, the title recover, hitting back close to 10$. Currently, SII trade under 10$. But it won’t be long that the title will exceed the 10$. This stock had the capacity to reach the 20$ later on in the future. You know of course that Eric Sprott is going to start a bank. When it happen, big $$$ to me!!!

You like to double your money on a stock? It happens to me once with Methanex (MX). My Methanex super starrrrrrrrrrrrrr! And it’s going to happen too with SII, in case you didn’t know.

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