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Thursday, December 1, 2011

TMX Group Inc. and Maple Group Acquisition Corporation: will the deal come to an end?

Several months ago, while learning about the TMX Group project to get acquired by someone else, I felt that I had my chances to make big bucks. Without thinking twice, I made that spectacular moves, I bought 100 stocks of the TMX Group (X). It was something spectacular because here I was, using margin account money to place a close to 5k investment.

Several months had passed and the TMX Group (X) is still the same. Why? Because of that Maple Group Acquisition Corporation bullshit. The Maple Group is not an existing company. It doesn’t have any head quarters. The Maple Group doesn’t trade itself on the TMX. In other words, the Maple Group is an artificial company build by banks and other financial players in order to but even more bullshit in the system. Banks want to have a complete control over the TMX and it’s certainly the scariest thing ever. It means more power for the banks. And that’s not all. 

Among the 13 players or something like of that number involved in the Maple Group, many of them are Quebec based banks and companies. I don’t think Canadians want to have the precious TMX darling being control directly or indirectly control by some dumb Quebeckers. They are cheaters of the Canadian country and they have nothing to do about our financial health. See what Brian Mulroney had done. That’s just a quick overview of Quebec bad leadership. Many Quebeckers vote for the Bloc Québécois, an independent movement lead by Pauline Marois. I had lived in Quebec province for a couple of years and I had kept a horrible experience from my stay in the Quebec province. No access to health care, no equity, poor paying jobs. That’s what I had experimented in Quebec, not to say the very bad customer services I got from the Eaton Center TD Waterhouse office located in Montreal, from the Scotiabank located on McGill, and not to talk about the RBC bank located at the Place-des-arts, many of my financial related experiences were very very bad in Quebec province. Why? Because it’s difficult for Quebeckers to act correctly in front of a girl who has money and knows exactly what she wants to do with it.

Fact is, Quebeckers don’t have the integrity and willingness it takes to be part of something really major like the Canadian country. So let’s please forget any involvement of Quebeckers in our TMX. Everything Quebec does as a province and a future country is out of movement and out of distinction and integrity. The very arrogant Luc Bertrand, Vice-Chairman of the National Bank Financial is the spoke person of the Maple Group. In reality, the Maple Group does not exist. It’s not an entity who had made its proof. The Maple Group doesn’t have a real existing market value.

The Maple Group had been pushing over the TMX stockholders to have a deal approved. At 50$ per stock + divided earned during the waiting approval period, I can tell you for sure that the best option to go with, is to move with the maximum cash offer.

The major Canadian banks are into the Maple Group just to rip us off. What do I have to say to the Maple Group and to Luc Bertrand? Kiss ME and I am out of there!

I am saying a big NO to the Maple Group and is saying HELLO hundreds of $$$ in profit.

I know, sometime I really got it all.

Stop the disaster, say NO to Quebec province bad leadership, say YES to an independent TMX. And, of course, say YES to the cash.

Maximum cash is the way to go. Want to fuck with investors? Well than, it’s going to cost those bankers some big cash. That’s what I call an interesting move. Will it go through or not by January 31, 2012? I don’t know. But what I do know for sure is that I don’t want to have any Quebeckers being involved in the Canadian financial system.

Now, the question being is will Stephen Harper Tories government will let this happen?


Anonymous said...

OMG you are full of it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny-From your blog posting it seems unclear as to where you stand. As a shareholder in The TMX Group you stand to benefit from an all cash offer. On the other hand you have some concerns about the management of The Maple Group. When it comes to vote your shares-will you vote with your conscience or your wallet?


Sunny said...

Well, to make it more clear. I am a shareholders of TMX Group and I am pretty upset to have to deal with this Maple Group acquisition offer. I don't have any control on what's going to happen next, so best thing to do, in my believe, is to pick the maximum cash offer.

There's too much being involve. Quebeckers are taking a large part of the leadership of the Maple Group. Quebeckers don't know how to deal with finances, Jean Charest is a complete idiot. The construction sector is full of shit. Quebec health care system is probably the worst in North America. I never been able to access to health care while living in Gatineau, either Montreal.

Do you really want to have a Quebec leadership to manage our precious TMX? Quebeckers are troublemakers. They are not proud Canadians. Knowing they might separate one day, we need to act as they are not from this country.

There's a price to pay for being selfish and for not being proud of being Canadian. That price need to be paid right now.

No matter what happen next, I don't want to become a shareholder of the Maple Group. I want an exclusive Canadian leadership for the TMX. I don't want Quebeckers into it.

Maple Group are not trading on the TMX, it's impossible to figure out their existing value anyway. It's not ok for the financial Canadian world to become owner of the TMX. It's a lack of class. Those bankers pig are going to get richer and they are going to do what they do best: they are going to fuck up the TMX.

Do I make myself more clear now?


Sunny said...

And also, since my number of stocks is low, this increase my chances to get a maximum deal of CASH if the Maple Group deal go through.

Following what, if I have any stocks left, I will sell my stocks and call TD Waterhouse to get a refund of my commission fee because I don't want to be part of the bullshit. And if they refused to refund the commission fee, I will simply change of broker.

That's how to do business in a highly corrupted system.



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