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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Getting slowly out of debt

I just paid over 1 500$ in credit card debts today. Outch! I just begin to realize that it's a lot of money! I am proud that it's been paid of. I just had put over 1 400$ in checks that I had and that I couldn't depose because I didn't have the time previously. So now it's done.

I am missing Internet at home so I am at a cafe and I through I should write a couple of lines to shear me up a little. I had spotted a couple of jobs, I just need to apply to them today and give a few phone calls later on. I just hope to be able to find something near a metro station. The great thing about being in
Montreal is everything mostly French, so I don't need to get too nervous about an English résumé. I do have one, but each time, I am anxious it might not be written properly. There's a difference between writing for fun on a blog and writing a professional résumé. Anyway, I will only upgrade my French résumé for now.

The good thing about my situation is that I have, since last June, unemployment benefits. So I don't have to stress that much if I don't find a job right away. I used to have one day job, and an evening and weekend job. I gave up on the day job yesterday for different reasons and I plan to fill something about it because of the different things that happen to me there. I believe I will be able to receive as much as 7 000$ for different things that had happen and that I won't write down here. I have a co-worker of mine who got unfairly fired. I didn’t get fire, but something being unemployed is better than being employed. Anyway, I only was receiving about 400$ after that from that job. I might receive unemployment benefits this week.

Anyway, it's not those small little things that will slow me down for now. I am happy to be able to pay off some debts even if my employment situation is not super great. At least for now.

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