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Monday, November 5, 2007

My situation on date of November 5, 2007

I had move this Saturday in my new place. The apartment is kind of quite. All my stuff fit in it. It has a few furniture in it, bridge stove, bed, mattress, a small table and 2 chairs. I was quite happy to finally move in. The moving cost me about 130$. Add to that the cost of some stuff that I need to buy, but it didn't cost me more than 200$ so far.

The place is very quite, even if it's not far away from St-Denis. So I believe I have a good deal.

Now, that I am all fix, I can now concentrate in my job search. Unfortunately, for my evening and weekend job, I can only start at 17h in order to be bale to do the evening shift, witch is quite impossible for now. The soonest I can arrive is 17h30... Anyway, every week, it's between 150$ to 200$ that is missing in my pockets and it's disturbing me, knowing that my day job contract will end on December 4. But I am quite lucky, because I have the unemployment insurance that I benefit since last June. But since June, the only thing I got from the unemployment insurance is something like 350$, because I had been working the whole time. So I believe that if I don't work after December 4, I will have the unemployment insurance, which I can receive as much as 410$ weekly. Anyway, for now, I can only work during the weekend on what use to be my evening and weekend job.

Now that I am no more working during evening, I will try to find another evening job. That's the only thing that is going on for me at the present time. I also plan to do some search for my RRSP, where I should put my money for this year. I will try to do better than last year. Last year, I was way too much at the last minute. The goal for me is to be able to find at least another day job that could start on December 10 and than, I will be able to invest the amount I am able to put for this year in my RRSP. So for now, it's all about planning.

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