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Sunday, November 25, 2007

I find myself a new day job

I find myself a new day job on my first week of "active" searching. I have to put here "active" because there's been time while I was a job seeker, but I wasn't actively searching. Without putting too muh details here, I will only say that it's a job in call center. Most of the call are in English, which is quite challenging for me. The pay is only 12$ per hour, but until now, it get well with my other job that I have.

I am working from 8 to 16 on the job in the call center and from 17 to 21 on my other job, which is also in a call center. I also work Saturday and Sunday at the second job. So far so good, I am too much tired and stuff, but it get complicated at the ends to organized, but it's not that bad. So I plan to have an income for a little bit more than 600$ after tax in the upcoming 2 weeks.

I just hope it will work out at my new job. I just want to stabilize my situation, I am tired of jobs and contracts searching all the time. If I am still on my day job until the end of December, I will be bale to pay off some credit debts and put 5 000$ in my RRSP. I begin to think where to put my money for my RRSP. The search begin.

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