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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How fast will I be to reach my first 50 000$?

I am only missing about 16 000$ and something now in order to reach my first 50 000$ and I am geeting excited about it! My situation is getting back on track I believe. I have a job interview on Monday for a new day job (since my present contract ends on December 4) and I work tomorrow and Friday evenings on what use to be my everyday-of-the-week-evening-job. It will make a little extra. I really need money to cover my moving expenses and everything that come with it. I am getting Sympatico Internet soon. I should get it by next week.

I am getting so use to run everywhere, and when it’s stop, I just don’t stand myself. I am too use to work on the evening. When I get back home, after my day job, I wonder what I am doing here. Why am I not at work? So am checking here and there for another evening job. But I have to say that I am getting use of being off on evenings. I get in bed early and I wake up early enough to eat breakfast and make myself coffee that I can drink before getting to the job. My main goal now is too reach my 50 000 bucks as soon as I can and I can’t afford lossing time and money on a job place that only use me as back up because I am not able to be there on time for the evening shift, whatever the job is about.

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