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Friday, January 18, 2008

On my situation at this time

I lost a great deal of money lately and I didn't calculate how much I have lost not to do a major depression... lol

Anyway, I lost hundred and hundred of dollars. The situation is very terrible for me at this time, knowing how much I work hard for that money. And now is harder than ever because I do no longer have my second job, because of a lack of work. I search to fill similar positions, but unfortunately, I didn't get any responses yet. I did my search earlier this weeek. Time is passing slowly and I would like to see all my problems resolve. Anyway, the good news is that I have been able to make extra hours at my job, I am able to do extra hours if I arrive earlier than I am suppose to at my regular shift. But it make it hard at the end, doing the same thing for about 12 hours or near straight. It's easier for me to switch of place and work someplace, but at this time, I have no other solution. Regular shift are of 9 hours, and I try to do an extra 2 hours daily, but it's not everyday that I can do so because I have to admit, I sometime have problem to get up of bed, so it's hard to wake up earlier to show up earlier at the job and do those extra hours.

Other than that, I follow the news, and I have to say that I will definetely set my account shortly at the RBC to buy mutual fund by my own, I will actually set a time Monday because wow, all the units of mutual funds are so low, it's a good time to buy. Too bad the RBC O'Shaughnessy Canadian Equity Fund is now clos because now, the units are only 15.23$ each....

And I prefer not to think too much about it because I have lost about 7$ on each unit so far....

Let's say that fo now, I didn't sell anything and I am very proud of that. No matter what, my money will stay there, until I reach my first 50 000$ at least....

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