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Saturday, January 19, 2008

No more any expenses until the end of January

I now have 1 065$ in expenses for the month of January (which include money put in credit card, student loans, rent, etc...) and I will try to spend any more money until the beginning of February. I spend a little bit more than the 1 000$ I was projected to respect, but once again, I went eat out junk food again... It's kind of hard to control all those ridiculous expenses, but I am really determine to stick to the plan and not do any other expenses. I should have enough food for the rest of the month. I have evreything I need, tea, coffee, bread, milk, rice, chicken and so on lol.

So there's no reason why I should spend any more money around.

I did my lunch for next week. After that, it will be the last week of January and I think I will be able to make it without any other expenses. After rent, food is my major expenses and, if I cannot cotrol my rent expense, since it's a fix price every month, well, I can control my food expense. It's really demanding, controlling every penny.

But I told myself that since I only have a job now, I should discipline myself if I want to continue to save. And I am kind of surprise pf the reasult because in regular savings, I now have close to 7 000$. I should be the minister of Finance of Canada, I could do miracles (I am just saying that in order to keep myself motivate...). :)

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