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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Next 1 500$ investment for RRSP

I am now all set up for my RRSP. I only begin at 15h tomorrow, so I hope I will be able to see someone tomorrow morning for at least one of my two plans. I look around most of my afternoon for my RRSP. I had another 1 500$ to invest…

With Caisse Desjardins, I decide to invest 500$ in the Natural Resource Guaranteed Investment. It’s a 5 years GIC. It will probably provide me a good return.

The other 1 500$ will be with TD:

500$: GIC Plus (according to TD, the “return linked to the performance of the S&P/TSX 60”.

1 000$ between those mutual funds:

TD Entertainment & Communications
11% since inspection

TD U.S. Mid-Cap Growth ($US)
8.8% since inspection

TD Latin American Growth ($US)
24.1% since inspection

TD Precious Metals
13.9% since inspection

TD Dividend Growth
11.4% since inspection

TD Monthly Income
10% since inspection

TD Canadian Bond
8% since inspection

TD Emerging Markets
9.3% since inspection

TD Energy
11% since inspection

What’s fun at TD, is that the minimum allowed per funds, when investment is RRSP, it’s 100$. So I probably be able to invest in all of the above, I just need a genius as advisor who will be able to equilibrate the hole thing with the standard of the Authority. After, I will be finally done with my 2007 RRSP.

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