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Monday, January 21, 2008

One step at a time

So far, I stick the plan of not doing any more expenses until the end of the month. I still have a few pennies left in my purse, but it's about it. I find it quite important to be able to stay I am going to stop spend my money, at a certain point, and be able to do so, until it's reasonable.

I finally take rendez-vous today at the CIBC to buy the fund I wanted. I might try to fix another rendez-vous at the RBC for my free account tomorrow, so that way, I will all be set up.

Good news also, I have an interview Wednesday for a job, hours seem to be pretty flexible, and I can't wait to see if it's going to work out.

I have been doing extra hours at the job. During those last couple of days, I give like an extra 2 hours each day. I try to have a good pay just like the last one. Last pay was bigger because I have been working on January 1. I might be able to make 940$ after taxes for 2 weeks of work next pay. The job is not too difficult, I have been working there since middle of November. What's funny about it is that it's mostly in English all the time so let say I get a lot of practice and I am learning to speak a proper English at the job... lol

Seriously, my English is not that bad I believe, if not, I wouldn't have the job. Everything is going fine so far, I just have comments of my dear follow workers on the extra hours I am doing, but as long as I am authorized to do extra hours, which I have been so far, I don't give a damn about my charming fellow workers....

It's seem like there's a lot of jealousy but I don't care because the one who gave be negative comments are the most stupid and ignorant one and I never give a damn about them since the beginning. I just don't response to their comments, I don't want to make them feel too happy about themself.

Anyway, from my side, I am happy, because when I arrive ealier and ask if it's ok with them if I do extra hours, it's the way it's working there, and that I get a yes as an answer, I quickly find a seat to work and I start receiving call 5 minutes later..... lol

The job is easier now and I enjoy it more, since I now understand what it is about.

I cannot wait to be done with my RRSP. I try to do everything that week in case it's work for my second job and that I can actually begin working there next week. I just hope it's work! I did my job aplication last Wednesday, and I got a response today, finally. And there too, the job is mostly in English...........

It's strange. I am in Montreal and I mostly use my English most of the time. It's a good thing I know English, even if it's a basic one.

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