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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I try to figure out if I can reach my first 50 000$ this year without too much trouble. My new part-time is paying 10$ per hour. It’s not that much, but I couldn’t find better. Anyway, I will work on Saturday and Sunday, 7.5 hours. After taxes, I believe I will made 130$ weekly. At my full-time job, I made around 1015$ bi-weekly after taxes.

I calculate for one year to be positive, it make an annual income of 33 150$. From those, let say I take an average of 1 000$ for my living. 33 150$ - 12 000$ = 21 150$. I love to calculate, even if sometimes I made mistake. So yes, I will be able to make it for this year! I only wish I can continue working at both places for one full year. Not that I am difficult as an employee, but it happen I get fired because lack of work at some place I previously work. Last time it happen was at that part-time job I have, but they recently call m back. I now back there working on Saturday and Sunday.

I become very passionate about reaching my first 50 000$. Absolutely no one I have as close friends, or relatives know I am trying that hard to reach my goal. No one have any idea of what my goal is. I prefer to blog anonymously about it as a hobby and keep it private. And as I don’t have TV, I like to blog when I have nothing else to do.

Something else I would like to do is buy stocks. I would like to buy those Visa stocks when they will be available in Canada. I believe it’s a good investment since almost everyone has a Visa credit card. I have a Visa credit card myself that I try to pay off. I just excited about the idea of buying stocks in a near future.

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