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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I now have a part-time job

I had received the confirmation by email that I had a part-time job at a place I use to work. I was quite happy about it. I am going to work on Saturday and Sunday, but no longer than about 8 hours each day. I wonder if a lot of my late co-workers will still be there. For myself, when it happen they had a lack of work, I immediately began my search for something else and I receive my vacation pay, which help a little.

Because of this part-time job, I plan to give an extra 500$ tomorrow on my credit card and than, in 2 weeks, I will pay the rest that need to be pay and I will be finally be out of credit card debt for now. I hope to remain debt free for a long time. At least I will try.

Time pass way too fast and I just hope I will keep working at the 2 jobs for the upcoming weeks. I really need it.


Q said...

Don't forget to get your student loan paid off too.

Decreasing your debt increases your net worth.

Good luck

Je suis tres desole mais je ne peut pas parler en francais tres bien, mais j'aime que vous essayez ecrirer en anglais :-)

Sunny said...

Your French seems to be a little like my English...... But blogging in English is helpful to me because my full-time work is... in English in a call center lol! I once had a comment of customr who asks if he had call in India... I write in English just for fun. As for the student loan, I might pay it later on. Because I have to say I am not too secure about my present job, even if it been 4 months I have been working there. I am insecure because of my English, but I am not making a big deal about it. So I prefer to pay off my credit card debt. I might do a deposit of 1 000$ on my student loan from time to time. And I have other project too, like maybe going back to school and, one thing I want to do for sure, is buying stocks. I would like to buy some of those Visa stocks when they will become available in Quebec. I am writing long, but as you might notice, I don't get too much feedback :) lol


Q said...

I don't comment that often, but I do read everyday.

Et, je vais practiquer (sp?) ecrirer et parler en francais plus en plus chaq jour.



Sunny said...

Et je vais pratiquer, écrire et parler en français de plus en plus chaque jour

Q said...

Merci :-)

Sunny said...



Thank you

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