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Sunday, March 9, 2008

How to purchase stocks

I don’t know. I am ignorant on a lot of subject and especially finance, even if I have been doing kind of ok for now. I really don’t know how to proceed to buy stocks and what’s the safest and cheapest way to proceed. I really want to buy some of those Visa stocks and I just don’t know how to make it happen.

And here am I, browsing the Web, since I cannot sleep, just thinking on how I can purchases those Visa stocks. I might post a topic in Canadian Business and as usual, I going to eat a …… of ………… and I will be rude. Once again. Sometimes, I just like the way things are for me.

To change of topic, Caisse Desjardins were kind enough to reply to the email I send them about if my money was protected with them…. Of course the money is protected. I don’t know exactly what’s going on that day. Some women get bad temper, for me, around that time, I getting scare about loosing my money. I don’t know………

The fear is a little bit less now. But I can’t realize sometimes on how much I have money and I am currently making 650$ weekly after taxes and the only thing I do with that money is saving it and investing. It’s just not making any sense.


Q said...


To purchase stocks, you can set up either a trading account (Ecanada) or a non-registered account with your current financial institution.

Pros to a trading account:

Low per trade fees
Good information flow
Easy to use (maybe a con because they are too easy)

Cons to a trading account:

You have to make so many trades to keep your fees per trade low.

Pros to a Non registered account

Easy to set up


Higher transaction fees

Before you jump into the world of stocks, I "highly" recommend you pay off your debts first.

No matter what stocks you buy, the return is not going to be higher than the interest you are paying now with after tax dollars.

For every dollar of debt you pay off, you would have to earn twice that in growth and dividends.


Q said...


C'etai trop difficile pour moi a ecrire en francais.

And I don't know where to find all the little accents on my keyboard.


Sunny said...

Hi there,

Thanks for answering my post. I would really like to buy some stocks at this point and I would love to have some of those Visa stock. I want to purchase Dereck Foster book to see on how he had procede to buy his own stocks. I know he didn't procede with a trading account, it's seem to be something else from what I read here and there. I want to have some fun with my money and not just paying off debt. I am almost done paying my credit card debt, and I want to put money somewhere else. But like always, thanks for kind answers.


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