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Sunday, March 9, 2008

On my first 7 days of work for quite a time

I am used working 7 days a week, but this week that had just passed was once 7 days of work since last January. Let say I was used to sleep on weekend. I remember sleeping in on both Saturday and Sunday while working 50 hours weekly at my main job. But no more good sleeping in, I now get back that part-time job I used to have. And when I really think bout it, I don’t know if it really worth it because sometimes, it’s seem like I am going no where. But those taught never last for long, as I might the busiest smallest investor of all. :)

Anyway, I can sleep on Sunday until 10h30, 11h latest, without shower, as the work place is near where I live and because I only begin at 12. Time past really quickly at that job and I enjoy it. Whatever I do, I seem to enjoy, and I am so not difficult.

As we were working mailing stuff, a co-worker start telling on how much it was difficult for her to save money, as she like to shop too much. Than I told her it was easy to save money, as she just stop hanging up in shopping mall, that way she will begin saves more her money. I like to shop myself; I can shop for hours and hours in Montreal malls. My way of shopping is basically looking around, and not buying. I don’t like to spend my money around for nothing; it’s just the way I am.

We just caught on of those storms yesterday on Saturday. When I get outside after work, I went for groceries, and it was crazy, that mix of snow and wind. I also went to a book store for quite a time, I was looking for the books of Derek Foster, but I didn’t find them.

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