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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An earthquake hit Montreal today

I knew I wasn’t dreaming: there’s been a earthquake today in Montreal! I felt it! And it was like wouahhhhhhh, what’s going on? I was working at the time it happen on the 5th floor of a building downtown Montreal. It didn’t scare me, but I look at a colleague of mine and he back look at me… I might had that look in my face, hey, what’s going on dude? We were receiving calls. I was on call when I felt it shake. It actually shake hard for a couple of seconds, but after it pass away. I didn’t talk to no one about it. It was a small earthquake but still. Enough to feel it. I quickly forget about the incident as we were receiving calls after calls… But just now by reading the news…….. yep, there’s been an earthquake today in Montreal!

Just my checking into my online broker account, I received today Enbridge Income Fund (ENF.UN) dividend, a 29.76$ that bring 2 brand new units in the house! Its always a new surprise everyday, to come home, check my broker account, see if a new dividend had came in… So far for 2010, I am now at 1 620.40$ in dividend income, which is not bad at all. By the end of 2010, I should received somewhere around 4 300$. Wouldn’t be nice to go on a vacations one day on dividend money? Also today, I had received 24.17$ from Bell Aliant (BA.UN). The dividend are slowly adding up. Nice! I am looking for a nice paycheck next week of my daytime job because of the infamous St-Jean Baptiste. And of course, I won’t be celebrating the St-Jean Baptiste tomorrow.

And good news, I am still working at my part-time job this weekend. So life is good far, despite living it in Quebec.

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canuck said...

HI Sunny, your quite a woman and i do enjoy you..wish you were my granddaughter. you enligten me and i have lost too of course. i think your just energy dividends would make up any losses , didn'tt they? i have been hit hard by manulife, i hate them...he cut the dividend two days after i bought it. have to hold it , not a loss unless i sell it , right Sunny?

will read on, you have quite a bit here to read and digest.


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