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Monday, June 21, 2010

It was time for a little investment portfolio update

I am always happy when the TSX gains some points. At some point of the day, the TSX had reached 12 000 points. When it did, I told myself, its still possible despite everything, I have a chance to make it happen (I mean reach my 100 000$ in assets of course!). The first time I did after work was to buy 2 lottery tickets (I am feeling quite lucky these days I have to say despite my work situation, but work is not everything, right?) and updating my investment portfolio. And the result is just WOW! Still work on the way, if I had money to invest it could be even better but… no rush, it’s the summer! :0)

Anyhow, let's talk business lol - I am now at 88 336.16$ in assets, a gain of 1 503.54$ compare to June 11. Just missing 1 663.84$ before hitting the 90 000$ in assets! Even there, knowing that just so little money is needed before I reach my goal, I am not in a big rush to search for a job or do anything like it. Guess getting rich had this positive effect on me lol. But if my portfolio is doing well, I still have a major problem to resolve, that being the expiration of the promotional rate on 2 of my credit card balance transfer – that being a 8 000$ and something that I borrow to invest. On date of today, I don’t regret my move, my investments are doing great. I enjoy the dividend. I obtain gains on a regular basis. As my goal being to preserve my capital and earn dividend and not to beat the index and blow my mind, I guess I can say I had obtained strong results – keeping in mind what are my objectives. Major dividends are in the way. In total of the month of June, I am waiting for something like 400$ as I previously said I thing.

I am just very happy with the results of today. Tralala!

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