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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I find the perfect mix: Jazz and Dividend and always the Jazz and the Dividend

I had been quiet lately as I enjoyed Montreal Jazz Festival. I saw all the evenings show from Friday to Sunday and tonight, even if an amazing artist was performing, Lulu Hugues, I decided to stay away from the Festival for tonight. Working during day-time and seeing the great evening shows at the Festival had exhausted me at some point. I was amazed by the shows I saw, especially by Jazz Mafia, a band I saw yesterday. The music was just very special, a mix of hip hop, blues and jazz all mix together. Very fascinating. It takes people with great deal of energy and originality to play such music and Jazz Mafia is all that nice mix all together. Like WOW!

I had been watching my stocks and units in the meantime and on a day like today, my investment portfolio loss in value, following the TSX. I am concerned about how things are going to be in the next couple of months. You know, when you read in the Globe and Mail that someone like Paul Krugman, an economist and writer for the New York Time say that we might going straight forward to a third recession, that’s kind of scary. As for now, I am not looking to sell. My positions will remain the same, no matter how bad things are going to be in a close future. But it’s a good thing that someone well-known come forward and publicly warn investors on what could happen next. Because we are still in it you know, we are still in the depression. All those TSX ups and downs, that’s a sign right there that things are not going too well. Also, I read a very interesting post from a US blogger, Annienygma from Living on $500 a Month or Less. She explains she had friends who are currently under unemployment benefits. Unable to find a job, they will soon be facing the cut of their unemployment benefits. Near 1 million of Americans are currently living that situation. Why? Because the Congress had decided not to renew their benefits period. This is very sad because these people are paying the price for George W. Bush and other incompetents, a bit like myself, facing the hypocrisy of my late employer, BMO Bank of Montreal who decided to laid off me after allowing me a 5 000$ credit line and a 4 000$ credit card. Got the picture? Myself, my whole career is kind of a disaster. I am alone in Montreal, living far away from my family, not having a family of my own, living completely alone, without a husband or any children of my own. And what if I would had to loose it all, you know, my investment portfolio?

Well, that would simply be the end of the Dividend Girl, I guess. The end of my blog.

It’s not like I am under panic – I sympathize with the Americans, with those who might have to fill for bankruptcy, those who had families with kids and had a hard time to pay their bills. Because I could be myself in that kind of situation. As for now, the plan had worked well. I am happy with my month-to-month dividend earnings and the way things are going. Even while facing different situation, I had been able to do what I wanted to do, financially speaking. As for now, I am working to pay off a 400$ credit card debt, which will be completely be pay off tomorrow. Also, instead of investing as I wanted to do for the month of July, I will just put some money aside. For June, I had made some payments on my TD credit line. And I plan to do the same thing during the month of July. I am just 2 months away from my birthday; I wouldn’t like to have to sell some of my investments just because I am running out of cash right. But good news, I am still working next week at my weekend job, at least for Saturday. So I don’t know too much more than that where I am going as everything as a taste of being unreal. I am just getting really confuse. Anyhow, confuse or not, I am listening to Jazz Mafia and its bringing peace to my mind.

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i love your blog. so interesting. keep up the good work.


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