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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sprott Inc. (SII) dividend are in the house for June

So far, its been a quiet weekend. I finish my day at work and went shopping for a few things I needed. After, I decided it was time to clean my place… lol. I am feeling much better time just like everytime I clean. It could be easier to clean every week, but I have better things to do! Anyhow, I just have laundry left. So I am working as always this weekend at my weekend job. Its great to have this job because it bring me extra cash. I just worried a bit because there could be no work in a little while so I wonder how it will turn out. I am not into job searching as I am just alright the way I am, but what if there’s no more work at my weekend job? Than, it’s going to be the end of the world. My day time job is stable and my weekend job a bit less, as they work on contracts. I don’t have the best job situation in the world, but I am making enough money to invest from time to time and I enjoy my free evenings. But I think about job searching all the time but I am so busy that I am not willing to get invole in a job search. I didn’t purchase my metro pass for the month of June and it’s easier than I taught it will be. And surprise, I just received today Sprott Inc. (SII) dividend, 12.50$! At least, good news :) Th dividend should DRIP, giving me 4 stocks or around. Yeahhh!


canuck said...

Sunny, you bring smiles to my face when i read your blogs, you are a smart lady but funny too. i love the two stocks i have bought, just energy and pengrowth for $9.92 and just energy for $12.39, cant wait to buy more.

Sunny said...

Nice to hear! Just Energy is a great company to hold, Rebecca MacDonald is the CEO and she's amazing! Just Energy usualy pay a annual special dividend on top of their regular dividend, which worth 1.44$ per unit in total! Once converted into a corporation, the dividend will remain the same! Just Energy is also very well diversified, they are not only involved in gaz, but also in green energy (electricity) and hot heater (for the water), among other thing. Very nice to hold. Very terrific.


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