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Thursday, January 26, 2012

DNI Metals Inc. (DNI): buy, sell or hold?

My non-registered portfolio is at 117 034.98$. I just received Exchange Income Corp (EIF) dividend, a nice 42.39$. Currently, I am at more than 700$ in my dividend income for January 2012. There’s good stuff going on in my non-registered portfolio, but there’s even better stuff going on for my TFSA!

My adventure with DNI Metals Inc. (DNI) began on June 17, 2009. On that day, I invested 717$ in DNI. At the time, DNI was known under the name of Dumont Nickel (DNI). Back on the day of June 17, 2009, my goal was to make a quick buy-and-sell move in order to collect a few bucks for the summer. Before June 17, 2009, DNI had rebound and I taught I could easily perform day trading on DNI Metals Inc. (DNI).

But I was wrong. Following my purchase, DNI did not rebound like expected. I decided to keep DNI in my portfolio anyway, just to hold. After all, I was playing with a small amount of money. I wasn’t upset or had hard feeling, I just find, in some ways, that the situation was really funny. Don’t ever think that there’s easy way to earn money on this Earth because none of that exist.

The last quarter of the year of 2011 has been great for DNI. But recently, DNI has really delivered! The period of 2009-2011 has almost been completely dead for DNI Metals Inc. (DNI). But that’s because they DNI was working on a big project. I am now getting a benefit from those 2 dead years. Deciding to hold DNI no matter what was a personal choice, but of course, it was a good one.

Back on July 31, 2007, DNI was trading at 1$. From the period of July 31, 2007 to today, DNI never reached back the old 1$ mark. However, the future could be very bright for DNI and it definitively worth the hold. Emerging countries like China will bring in a new demand for metals and with its positive development, DNI Metals Inc. (DNI) could be on the road to become more than just a penny stock. The move from the current penny stock situation into a dollar stock is just a matter of time. Of course, nothing is sure, but the hold worth the try. There’s a lot of gambling involve but when people tell be to sell DNI – or even just partly – I feel the advice is being giving very stupidly. Fact is, there’s much more than only gambling involve. There’s a bunch of my feeling and common sense involve too and you know, well, with that, with me involve, you cannot go wrong.

DNI Metals Inc. (DNI)? HOLD and cash in the profit LATER.


Anonymous said...

What goes up must come down. DNI is another stock pumped by Sprott, just like SWG and TIM.

Sunny said...

I don't agree. And from what I know, DNI haven't been pushed by Sprott - never. Only by me :)

Love Sprott but the guy is not always on the good gold "spot".

Anonymous said...

The way sprott pumps their top picks, DNI could go to 30 dollars before it collapse back to .10 .If you had balls i would tell you to hold it and go for the home run.

Anonymous said...

Sunny, go to stockchase and search DNI. John Embry is from Sprott.

Anonymous said...

I would say sell part of the DNI holding, and take your money. Leave the rest to grow. If the stock goes down you can buy more. Play smart.

Sunny said...

Thanks for the info. I wasn't far from knowing that Sprott was involved in DNI! This is quite scary actually!


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