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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Is it a plane, a jet, a rocket? No, it’s my non-registered portfolio!

Extraordinary gains today for my portfolio! My non-registered portfolio is at... 115 365.97$! The TSX is performing well and my portfolio is simply following the waive and it’s quite cool.

I received Corby Distilleries (CDL.A) special dividend payment today: a really good 190$! I just can’t wait to see this baby DRIP. I should get a good 11 extra stocks. I had been holding CDL.A for quite a while and their recent special dividend payment is a reward I am getting for having the intelligence to hold the company in my portfolio. I know, I know. Holding can simply be the work of a pure genius. LOL! I also received a 17$+ from Methanex Corporation (MX).

I had been holding for quite sometime and I just cannot wait to see MX flying back to the old 30$ per stock. I made my purchase at half of that price a couple years ago. There’s big profit on the way, especially if the TSX decided to fly straight to the 13 000 points. Which I hope will be soon. If the US can create more jobs and if the situation remain stable in Europe, I may have my chances to get a 200 000$ portfolio value by the end of 2012. Stay tune, we’ll see what happen next.

Data Group Income Fund (DGI.UN) is now turning into a corporation of the name of Data Group Inc. (DGI). In result, Data Group Inc. (DGI) had fly to the very closed 4$ today, closing oday January 3....2012 session at 3.99$.

I had indirectly loss 1 647.87$ with this investment. I made my purchased at 6$+ per share. I am losing a lot on this one but it’s not something that upset me because when I made my investment in DGI.UN sometime in 2011, I was pleased to invest in the company. I loved what I had read about them and I also appreciate their dividend yield. If you had bought this one at an appropriate time, DGI could turn into a gold of mine for you. But if, like me, you had invested in DGI when the units were at 6$+, well, patience my dear. DGI had confirmed that their dividend will remain the same and that they are able to pay it. The dividend yield is now at 17.25%, because of the low value of the stock.

If I wasn’t already holding DGI, I wouldn’t be investing in DGI because I had now turned myself into a blue chips junkie. And it had paid off. Seek for yourself:

Agrium Inc. (AGU)
Investment made: 950.79$
Investment value now: 1 009.54$

Canadian National Railway Company (CNR)
Investment made: 2 144.40$
Investment value now: 2 390.10$

TransCanada Corporation (TRP)
Investment made: 1 016.74$
Investment value now: 1 097.75$

Enbridge Inc. (ENB)
Investment made: 999.51$
Investment value now: 1 057$

Those are among my latest investments and because they are all high quality blue chips, they had provided a really good return in almost no time. I plan to continue this way. The blue chips strategy is working very well for me. I am rocking the TSX as always. The stock market? It’s all MINE. It’s an absurdity under my own power. Fact is, a regular Beauty Queen Next Door can easily make big bucks on the stock market. Investing is simple as ABC once you get the real basics.

But what are the real basic rules of investing by the way?

A few things: diversification in different companies, in different sector. Do not invest too much of your money on the same spot. Derek Foster old picks of the Stop Working and the Lazy Investors are still good for today’s market condition. Don’t be afraid of the market volatility. The stock market goes up-and-down, up-and-down, up-and-down, it’s always the same scheme, especially in a very rough economic situation, so you are better getting use to it. Invest in blue chips. Don’t focus exclusively on dividend yield. Beware of high dividend yield (like the one that used to offer Yellow Media Inc. (YLO). Don’t invest in Quebec companies: Le Château, Yellow Media, all poorly manage companies who only exist to make you lose money. Boost the Canadian market, not the Quebec one.

I guess it’s about it for now when it comes to the stock market super rules. I might be the only goodness investors out there who still hold Timminco (TIM) is her investment portfolio. It was just a matter of time before it happen but it’s happening now: Timminco (TIM), the ex-darling of a so call investor of the name of Eric Sprott ok, well the ex-darling had been suspended.

I guess Timminco (TIM) will go under a major reorganization. Fact is, Timminco (TIM) never recover from the 2008 stock crashes.

Lesson learns from this Timminco (TIM) disaster. What’s the lesson I learn from Eric Sprott who indirectly made be loss 4k of my own cash?


No matter who in the world had recommended you a stock, it doesn’t matter that it is Eric Sprott or anyone else. No one will be there to help you once you face capital loss. Eric Sprott won't be there for you. No one will. Billionaires like Eric Sprott are the modern gansters. Remember that.

And also remember that:


Now that you know all that, you should be doing fine :0)

I follow that tip when troubles began for the really shitty Yellow Media Inc. (YLO) and I had been able to save thousands of dollars. Luckily, I reinvested at the time the money in Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) and just go see for yourself how well Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) is doing at this time.

Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) is among my top performers. Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) is doing better than ever.

I know, I am pretty amazing.

Capital loss? Hummmmmmm. Seem like my top performers like EIF are simply going to simply erase all that.

I am a bit heartbroken to learn that Timminco (TIM) had declared bankruptcy. I was hoping for a recovery. I just hope that Timminco won’t get delisted from the TSX. If it does, I will be losing all my chances of recovery. But in a way, I had enough of having that poor little Timminco in my portfolio.

So bye bye Timminco (TIM). See you next time. See you in hell.


Highondividends said...

DGI wil cut div.

Simple Rich Living said...

Thank you for your kind wishes! All the best to you in 2012 and of course happy investing! I am really exciting for a new year and hope to learn tons.

Ruth said...

have to admire you Sunny for posting all your letters , negative or positive. what do u think of Enbridge holdings and was it up at $25 , it is $20.72 and think it might be a good buy..i really like anything attached to Enbridge..watched the CEO on business markets and he is a sharp cookie..just want a 100 shares.

Anonymous said...

You made a total of about $450 on the stocks listed in your post but you lost over $4000 on Timminco, yet you do not mention this.

Here, from your post in October 2011(

Timminco (TIM):
Initial value: 4 065$
Current value: 34$
- 4 031$

Ruth said...

that is a huge loss on Timminco Sunny, how can you make that up, did it ever pay dividends and how long did you hold on to this stock, ,i am curious...this is no roger sugar stock. i agree with one writer in here what i do also is list what i have in my portfolio as is , not when i sell which is rare .

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny,

Happy New Year! I have to point out an error in one of your 'lessons'. You said "Sell when the stock price is down". It should ready "Buy when the stock price is down". What I also like focusing on when I invest is the company itself. Is it growing, it is increasing earnings, is it bring in new managers. These are the questions I as myself before I ever look at the price or a stock. Because over time the market will realize what any stock is worth like what you sadly found out about Timminco.

Ruth said...

do you watch BNN on tv during the day or evening , they have on all kinds of information and very interesting guests such as the CEO from Enbridge. it is one way to find out about certain companies as of course the computer.

MathLaj said...

Where have you seen that DGI will leave their dividend as is?

HighonDividends, you state that they will cut it, this is your impression or you seen something about this?

The fact is I want to invest in this stock (cause I'm still a dividend-hungry ;)) but would like to know what is going on. Can't find nothing interesting about this myself.
Thanks for your help.

High on Dividends said...

Just my impression, based on how the stock is performing, and the quality of the company, and it's market size.

I would look at something else. My portfolio is up 13% for 2011, Based on holding and buying large US, UK, and CAD blue chips. U see how Sunny did with her picks, most of which are comparatively small and risky. She is down 15-20%.

That is a 25% difference!!!

MathLaj said...

Thank you for your feedback.
I gave it a try, they usually announce their dividend on 16-19th of the month, so I guess we will know in a few days...
I bought a smaller amount of what I was planning after a second analysis following your comments, thanks for the hint, now I just hope your wrong! ;)

Anonymous said...

It sure would be nice if you can list your stocks so us with lesser skills can see what a seasoned investor buys.

MathLaj said...

News release from DGI, the dividend hasn't been cut for January, it's still 5.42¢.

Bought it at 4.13$ last week, it's now 4.70$! Plus a nice monthly dividend... let's just hope it stays the same for following months.
Once again, thank you Sunny and HighOnDiv for the infos.


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