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Sunday, January 1, 2012

How to win big bucks on gambling slot machines... or almost

To celebrate the first day of the year 2012, I went for a visit at my local casino. I usually go there once in a while. It was my second visit in a matter of couple days. On my last visit, I had lost 15 bucks. But today, I catch up nicely, as I made 56$. I had feed the slot machine of 20$ and it decided to treat me nicely, ranking to the 76$.

My favorite slot machine game is Cherry Rain. Cherry Rain is a fun slot games. Among the way, I came with some tips that I now followed each and single time I visit the Casino to play at Cherry Rain.

It’s only a game, nothing more

First of all, when visiting a casino, you have to understand that you are not there to make big bucks. The whole thing is a game made for entertainment purposes only. 

Leave your banking and credit card at home

For the past couple weeks, I never played more than 20$ each time I visit the casino. I played 40$ once and lose it all and learned my lesson. I bring my purse and wallet with me, but it never crossed my mind to withdraw money from one of those ATM machine available right there at the casino to just feed up more the machine. To protect yourself, you might like to leave your banking cards and credit cards at home while visiting a Casino.

Cash out when you win

I played the Cherry Rain game a multiple times on slot machines and my best advice will be: whenever you win 20$+, simply cash out.

Each and single time I continued to play following a major winning gain (that would be 20$ and up for me), and that I continued to play, each and single times, I lost everything.

If you make a 20$+ on a slot machine, remember: CASH OUT or you’ll lose ALL the cash. It’s really important to stay in control. Don’t have the slot machine have the last word on you.

That’s how I made 56$ out of nothing today!

Bid more and less, drive the slot machine gambling crazy over you

I like to bid at 45 cents per shot. I sometime decreased the bid at 35 cents. Following what, I increased it at 45 cents, decreased it to 25 cents, and after, increased it to 45 cents. I go on a yo-yo basis. I increased the bid, I decreased the bid, I increased, I decreased, etc. Usually, those casino slots answered well to such treatment.

The following post was made for entertainment only. Don’t ever think that you can make money at the casino or you’ll fall into a gaming trap that can be very evil and ugly.

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