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Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome in the house Veresen Inc. (VSN)!

I had been looking at this little one for quite a while! And now, things had been done, following my sell of some Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI) stocks.

I had invested in some stocks of Veresen Inc. (VSN) at 15.11$ each today. Welcome in my investment portfolio Veresen Inc. (VSN)! Great to have you aboard!

Why did I pick Veresen Inc. (VSN)?

Because, first of all, of its very AWESOME chart. The chart goes up-up-up all the way from its early beginning until today! VSN went down following the stock crash of 2008, like many other stocks that I hold, but it quickly gains back in value. And since that time, well, just an awesome chart.

Also, Veresen Inc. (VSN) dividend yield is extra sharp: 6.809%. This is a reasonable dividend distribution yield and on top of that, it’s being paid monthly. Also today in my portfolio, we welcome some very great dividend income coming from Colabor Group Inc. (GCL) (58.13$) and Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) (126.13$).

Also today, the spectacular DNI Metals Inc. (DNI) has decided to ROCK the Venture once again to climb the 42 cents per share, this bringing my investment in DNI to close to 1 200$. If I would be selling my DNI stocks now, I would be making a profit of 740$+. But since I am this very good investor (yeah yeah yeah!!), I won’t be selling my DNI stocks any time soon. Hold on DNI and stay tune because 2012 is going to be a rocking year for u!!!

Eric Sprott silver babe is on the high too! I made good gain in my TFSA today.



unbalanced said...

Good for you Sunny!! Congrats.

High on Dividends said...

I own VSN. U should too!

Look at the chart. As good as PPL and ENB, with a better dividend than the latter.

Finally some decent picks Sunny.

Anonymous said...

I hold VSN also. It was FCE.UN when I bought it in July 2008 at 10.92 with a yield of 9%. I acquired more before it changed it name. Still holding it today. With investors chasing yield right now,these stocks will go down when interest rates rise.
All you need now is IPL.UN , TRP and ALA to complete your pipeline collection.

Anonymous said...

Good post Sunny.

Anonymous said...

Investors are chasing dividend stocks nowerdays. Please watch Kinross Gold Corporation(K). Own physical gold ETF rather than gold mining companies. You may consider ETR, it is well diversified ETF paying decent dividend.

Anonymous said...

With all these stocks you have you might as well buy the XIU etf for the TSX 60 index. I doubt your stocks have outperformed this XIU stock over the last few years. Think of all the commissions you would have saved $$$$$, and your yield still wouldn't match XIU 2.5%


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