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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Montreal is getting a real taste of the Dividend Girl and they are loving it

I have been quite busy with a bunch of things lately and I got a mix of bad and good news, but mostly good ones. The bad news being that I had lost a big part of my freelance work. The department I was working for had shut down their operations. It could be temporary, maybe they will reopen but for now, they remain closed. It came like a thunder, without notice. I had that freelance stuff to help me once my contract will end see. It was my backup plan. Around 50 freelancers like myself have lost their job. For me, it’s not that of a big deal because I also have a full-time job and another temporary freelance gig. However, the biggest part of my freelance work is now gone. This means that I now have to rely almost exclusively on my employer for my living expenses. Question now being: can I rely on my employer? Well, it seems like so. (Are you ready for the good news now?).

As I told you before, I had moved from my little New Brunswick gangster town to Montreal for a 4 months contract back on May. That contract going to end in September. BUT, I signed a new contract this really past Friday and I got a permanent job! I was really happy Friday to learn the great news and I signed the contract right away. No need for me to “think about it” for sure! Especially with all the shit I had been offered. So I happily signed the contract and that’s how I am now on the road for a permanent full-time employment.

I am the third generation of sexy Acadian women on my mother side who’re in Montreal for work. Reality being if bitches cannot find work in New Brunswick, they simply go someplace else. That’s quite of a simple explanation. My grandmother “worked” in Westmount in a rich family as a maid during the Second World War while my grandfather was working on the boats Sorel. She wasn’t really working. She was paid to answer the phone and served food during dinning time and it’s about all. They have another maid to do the cleaning and I guess another one to cook their meal. They were a typical English Westmount family. In the area, all the houses looked the same. They still all look the same today and they are more expensive than ever before.

A few decades later, my mom follow my grandmother traces, she went to Montreal where she worked for a couple of months, or maybe just a couple of weeks, taking care of other people shit. And a few decades later, it was my turn… I worked in Montreal about 3 years before hitting back to New Brunswick. But I was laid off. I fill a small claim against my employer who have employed while being in debt and I went back to Montreal after I find employment.

Montreal and Quebeckers have treated my family members quite well. André the Saint took great care of them. And now it’s my turn. And it seem like Montreal want me really badly because I have built my small fortune here and now, my contract lead to a permanent job. Montreal wants me and Montreal is getting me. And Montreal is getting the Dividend Girl. I know what you are thinking.

Am I lucky? Oh yes.

And now, let’s move on. The most interesting part is just about to pop out. It’s the money part.
We’ll chat again later because I am not going to spend the whole day writing about myself and I.

Happy shopping.


unbalanced said...

Glad to see that things are working out for you.

Ruth said...

Congrats to you Sunny for signing a new full time contract. you must be doing a fine job for them to keep you. my hat is off to you.

Christine said...

Maybe you can post pictures of your shopping trip? ;) Congrats on the good news.

Christine said...

Congrats on the good news! Maybe you can post pictures from your shopping trip ;)

Christine said...

Maybe you can post pictures of your shopping trip? ;) Congrats on the good news.

Sunny said...

Thanks to all :)

Yeah, it could be a Dividend Girl shopping special, nice idea!

I haven't been online very often lately. I went to sleep at 8 last night. The job is heavy and quick-quick-quick! Go go go!


Have a nice day.


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