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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Lazy Investor, Revised Edition by Derek Foster

In 2012, Derek Foster published an update edition of his famous The Lazy Investor. Its just yesterday that I find out, while being at the Chapters on St-Catherine. I saw that yellow logo REVISED EDITION on top of the book that kick it all.

The Lazy Investor was first published in 2007 and back in the time, Derek has 4 children. But now he has 5 or 6. Its seem like the fellow didn't update his cover information: he totally forgot about that new and exclusive kid lol...

I didn't give The Lazy Investor a full reading. Its after reading The Lazy Investor of Derk Foster that I purchased my first stocks. That was a while ago. I had read The Lazy multiple several times, trying to understand and I wanted to make sure that I understand. Eventually, I will read the revised edition of The Lazy Investor, but what I did yesterday is that I went through the last couple of pages. I wanted to check if Derek Foster has displayed the SO WANTED and needed information: a copy of his portfolio. And it was there! So I happily buy the book.

Derek Foster doesn't hold too much Canadian stocks, just a few ones. Among them, he hold Power Corporation and Manulife. Does two will NEVER be from my portfolio. Power Corporation is a all f@ck up Quebec company that does lobbying, and had been massively involved in corruption and truly, Power Corporation is a f up company that been too closely involved with the politicians. Manulife had been in Derek portfolio since the Stop Working, so no big surprise. I am not a fan of insurance companies. I will never invest in stuff like Manulife or Sun Like, name them all. Their stock value is extremely sensible to the stock market volatility. Check the Manulife chart for the past decades, you'll see what I mean. Susan Brunner also hold Power Corporation and I just don't understand why some brilliant people like that will just hold and stand by a piece of shit like Power Corporation. That just confirm that I am the only one right on everything ahah.

I won't disclosed more about the book, but if you pass by a Chapters or Indigo, buy it. The fact that Derek Foster hold Manulife and Power Corporation just make him a bit more human. Nice biceps showing off from the Regina video anyway.

The Lazy Investor returned! Yeah!


Anonymous said...

Why is your English grammar and spelling so bad ?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I read some of your articles about stocks pick. I have a question for you... Are you all your money investing in stock market ? No other place your money invest ? If yes, Did someone tell you...don't put all your eggs in one basket? Yes, today stock market running pretty good, but what would happen if stock market down 20% or more in a couple days (it had truly happened in 2008, for financial tsunami)? I am not scaring you, don't put all money in one place. Maybe think about buying a property for rent ... or others.

Anonymous said...

It's so simple because I am not native English speaker. I like what dividend girl said in this blog and just want to share with her. What will she prepare if market down suddenly? It's very important if you play the game in the stock market.

Ruth said...

Am all for buying a little house or some kind of property for income as it is solid and wouldn't you want to live where you are the boss?

Sunny, what is going on with Just Energy , is it being shorted?

Sunny said...

Home or condo owning is made for the REAL rich. I don't even have a net worth of 100k yet. Its not anytime soon that I am going to own my own place. You'll never see the Dividend Girl enrolling in a mortgage. That's the biggest catch that bankers came with to make money. And trust me, they make a bunch of money those F. ah!

I don't believe that owning a tiny condo with no land around that I am going to pay around 150k worth it. It doesn't worth it, its garbage.

Owning my place will just make me turn into a slave to my employer. I will fully depend on my employer to pay a place of my own. I don't want to pay that price. I don't want to be a slave to no one. I want to have the liberty to quite my job if I want to and, in the opposite direction, if I am being laid off, I don't want to suffer.

Owning a property represent too much money and only a bunch of problems.

I want my money to work for me to release me from any social responsibilities, to be independent.

A property won't bring in catch to pay my morning toasts. You see what I mean? The ultimate goal is to generate a cash flow that will secure my position and not turn myself into a junkie employee.

See what I mean?

I don't know what's going on with JE. JE always been a volatile stock. I love Rebecca, but her Just Energy is hard to hold. Hold anyway, the dividend had been announced secured. Its hard to hold to such a volatile stock, but JE always been volatile. Nothing new.

That's why its important to diversity a portfolio.

Anonymous said...

Insiders are selling at Just Energy

Ruth said...

anonymous...would like to know if you can see if a stock is being shorted. i can see where one could make a nice bit of money by doing this with just energy...i cannot wait to unload it...fortunately the dividends make me break even but it has been dead money. guess the best is to stick to the biggies. did a short trade on china gold though and made a hundred..that was fun.

Anonymous said...

hi Sunny
I completely agree with you tha mortgage locks you up at a job. In order to keep the mortage, one requires a stable job and salary. I feel depressed because of that!
Luckly, I am on my way to save up enough to pay off the small mortgage of $100k within couple years. I save 50% of my income.

However, there's one small benefit from home ownership is that every month half the amount of the mortgage payment goes to equity. You can take out that equity to invest in stock market without worrying about margin calls.

Sunny said...

That's very good. I saw RBC add on equity, the interest rate is like 3.5% or something like it. I know BMO offers a very low interest rate on those kind of products too.

You have the courage to become a homeowner, it will certainly pay off on the long term.

For me, a mortgage will be more a source of stress more than anything else. Too much money is being involved. I preferred to have money available whenever I went to go to New Brunswick (I am going at the end of the month), go shopping and of course, play with the stock market.

I wouldn't like to have the obligation to stay in one spot. Of course, I could sell, but that's another story. Too much responsibilities is being involved in home owning. Too complicated and it cost too much for the middle class. I don't see any benefits coming out from it, if not being part of a system where the governments, banks and municipalities are making out some big cash out of our back.

No no no, no home or condo for me.


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