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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Saying goodbye to some Majestic stocks - FR

My investment portfolio is going quite well. When the TSX goes up, everything goes wonderfully well. I was quite serious to check on my annual dividend income so I went through some calculations to find out that I am now at $6 908.05 in annual dividend income. Not bad, but I remembered having more not too long ago. I don’t like to be under the 7k in dividend income. After all, we had reached the 7k back in 2011. It would be nice to learn more year after year and not less right. There’s many ways to benefit from the stock market. The dividend income is among the easiest and safest way to benefit from the market. You can of course play the market, perform day trading, but risks are there and exist. And talking about trading, I have sold 100 pieces of the majestic First Majestic Silver Corp (FR) today. The only reason behind that sell is that I plan to reinvest in a good quality Reit product and cash in some dividend juice. 

I still hold some pieces of First Majestic Silver Corp (FR). Holding in to First Majestic Silver Corp (FR) haven’t been easy. However, I hold because I like the idea of investing in a company who declared producing the purest silver ever. Its sexy and powerful. And if you know Eric Sprott, you know that silver is the investment of the decade. Not the past decade, but this very decade of the years 2010. I am closely watching the market and recently, silver make some good gain. I had quite some money invested in silver and I want this to work out. Or should I say I NEED THIS TO WORK. So Eric Sprott darling, you better be right, because if not, I am going to push it really bad on you. Would it make any difference? No, but a shitty publicity is a shitty publicity and trust me, it’s not anytime soon that I am going to give up on my portfolio.
So I was saying that I sell some FR stocks. I still believe in FR, just that I wanted my 7k in dividend income really badly. What a girl wants is what she gets. Some other stuff I hold are REALLY performing well, like AGU, CNR, CU, PPL, KBL. Its hard to believe that there’s that much money to be made in cleaning linen but yeah, K-Bro Linen Inc. (KBL) is among my top performer. I own this one to Susan Brunner. It doesn’t seem like she owns the stock, but you can be sure, I own some stocks and I LOVE IT. Their chart is spectacular and KBL is simply amazing.

Now that I have full-time employment for the next couple weeks, I have many projects on the way. Lately, I had been slow on many things I need to take care of. I need to maximize the contribution to my TFSA. I will have to verify, but I might have like a good 20k contribution room left for my TFSA. I plan to fully use my TFSA. However, the process is touchy since I have a margin on my Canadian portfolio. I already taught about transferring my Sprott Inc. (SII) investment over my TFSA, as well as DGI. But before I proceed, I need to apply in cash the amount of their respective loan amount to my non-registered account so my margin remains in the safe zone. It’s no big deal if you cannot understand what I mean. Just know that investing using margin money is risky, difficult and stupid. You need to be a complete idiot to invest on money that’s  not yours. I am totally aware of how lucky I am to benefit from my margin account but at a point, no one can predict which turn this economy will take. I could eventually lose my job for whatever reason (another small claim YEAH!). I mean, you always have to be ready for the worst, never take anything for granted. If you’ll be laid off tomorrow, would you able to survive? And if so, for how long? Do you have a backup plan? I, the Dividend Girl, I always have a backup plan and I like to ask myself the real rude questions. Being aware of your own vulnerability is the best of the protection. I am totally aware. I am just a bit off regarding a backup plan but hey, can I breathe, I just got my new job that past Friday lol.

So yeah, backup plan, but I give you the right to take it easy.

And just in case you didn’t know: TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!

I love Fridaysssssssss! No work, no stock market to play on. Freedom.


Anonymous said...

If you transfer dgi or sii to your tfsa you won't be able to claim your loss on your income tax.

Liquid said...

That's interesting, because I also just sold 100 shares of a silver company earlier today haha. My backup plan for financial emergencies is to use my LOC and work part-time jobs to supplement my income. Even if I couldn't find work, EI will last me for at least a year, and I can always sell some stocks to support myself after that. Happy Friday (^_~)

stock dividend said...

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Anonymous said...

Seems like a good time to do a portfolio update. You haven't been posting very much, do u not have internet at home. Don't be so cheap and spend a little. What's the use of having money in the bank if you deprive yourself of everything.

Sunny said...

I don't plan to sell SII and DGI. Chances are that SII value will eventually goes up again. When it does, I will partly sell SII.

I must admit DGI had been difficult to hold. I am less optimists on the chances that DGI will hit again the $6 per share on the short term. However, the company had said they were looking to maintain their dividend. I won't sell it, but it s difficult to digest a 2k loss on a stock.. And on SII, its close to 5k....

But despite those 2 massive losses, my market value exceeds my book value by about $200.

Hi Liquid,

What a coincidence :)

I like to be prepare to the worst and be load of cash.

EI is definitively a nice back-up plan

Good advice Stock dividend.

I haven't post much lately, that's true. I had been away from my laptop. I had been enjoying the nice Montreal weather I don't have Internet at home, you should know that I am a frugal babe. My work schedule is a bit different so I need to adjust.

Updating my portfolio value always take me sometime, my last update wasn't too long ago. Nothing much have change, I sell some Fr stocks, that's all. I haven't reinvested the money yet.

I may get Internet at home for the long winter months or sooner.

Anonymous said...

If you transfer DGI and SII to your TFSA, it's considered a sale. In order to claim the loss on your income tax, you would have to sell these stocks and wait 30 days before repurchasing them in your TFSA. On a 7,000 loss, you could save approx. 875$ in tax; but then again you risk that these stocks go up in the 30 days you have to wait.

Sunny said...

I see. Its not anytime soon that I am going to transfers SII over because its have a loan value of $1 253 in my non-registered portfolio. Before transferring I will need to put in cash that exact amount to protect my margin.

I am going to see what I will do.

Ruth said...

for heaven's sake Sunny, get the internet at home...treat yourself from your dividend fund. did you see how silver wheaton climbed the market , so many opportunities to jump on. what is your thoughts on just energy these days....when in the hell is it going back up.??

Ruth said... u mean if you transfer a stock out of another to tax free savings , you have to repurchase them, i was thinking of transfering enbridge stock to tax savings from cash stocks next year for the 5 grand u can have. explain this to me please.

Anonymous said...

You can transfer, all I was saying is if you have a loss on the stock you want to transfer like JE, you wouldn't be able to claim the capital loss and save taxes. When you sell a stock at a loss, you can't claim that loss on your income tax unless you waited 30 days before you buy again.


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