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Monday, September 3, 2012

Mega portfolio pow-wow: stuff that I hold that you should probably be holding too

First Majestic Silver Corp (FR)

I started trading First Majestic Silver Corp (FR) back in May 2011. I performed a few trades on FR, I day trade it for a few bucks. But after a while, I lost my luck and wasn’t able to sell First Majestic Silver Corp (FR) because the value wasn’t going up anymore. So I simply hold the stocks, hoping that one day, my investment would turn into... a mine of silver. No big return for now, however, I am on the closed $100 profit on that one. Lately, FR began to gain in value. I would like to partly sell FR, but I feel FR can go even higher, if not reach the $25 per stock… For that reason, I am not doing more than just holding and waiting for my luck to turn into some real magic cash.

Chorus Aviation Inc. (CHR.B)

Along with Fortis (FTS) and Emera (EMA), Chorus Aviation Inc. (CHR.B) is one of the few stocks that I hold being a Maritimes stock. I invested in CHR.B back in March 2012. I made a profit of $40 on the stock value so far.

I wouldn’t recommend to invest much more than $500 on this one if you are a retail investor. This stock can be quite volatile and it pays a very huge dividend of 16.22%. The dividend distribution is way too high, however, I do enjoy a super high yield stock once in a while. Just need to be cautious with that you hold, meaning don’t invest too much in the same spot. Chorus Aviation Inc. (CHR.B) could turn ugly, but seem to be in good track for now. Always be cautious with stocks paying an extra high dividend yield.

Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI)

That one came in my portfolio in February 2011. Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI) is FAR from being one of my favorite, but lately, RSI gains in value, for a reason that I ignore. My investment gains $80 in value. From my experience, RSI stock value likes to play the yo-yo and I really dislike it. I don’t know why I am adding it to this post.

WesternOne Equity Income Fund (WEQ.UN)

I invested in this one back in March 2011. This stock makes me look HOT. My investment in WEQ.UN gain a fantastic $1 263.01. I own it all to one special reader. Thank you honey.

Exchange Income Corporation (EIF)

I invested in EIF back in February 2011. Since that time, my stock value grows of more than 1k. I own this one to a reader too. A different one.

Westshore Terminals Invest Corp (WTE)

I never read much around this one and I never did any extensive search. I invest in this one because I was told that the CEO was among the richest men of Canada. Ok, good enough for me I invested and today, I enjoy some good dividend and a quite stable investment. Go figure. And I own this one to a reader. Another one :)

DNI Metals Inc. (DNI)

That one currently is at $0.29 but could hit higher in close future. I discovered that one while doing some trading. That was back in May of the year 2010. I wanted to perform a quick buy-and-sell move but I got stuck with it. However, I made over $200 in profit on it so far. To the current list, I could add AGU, CU, CPR… ENF, PPL and all the other good stuff that I hold.

In the next part, we’ll see which stocks that I hold that you should NOT, under any circumstances, hold.

Have a happy long weekend. I spent mine sleeping, shopping and enjoying the nice Montreal weather. Its nice to be wearing summer dresses in September. If it could only last.


Investing Pursuits said...

Derek Foster speaking to Regina Chamber of commerce last month.

You and your readers probably like this.

Sunny said...

Thanks for sharing. We love Derek Foster around here!


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