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Sunday, May 5, 2013

About this past weekend (sorry, this only a hello post, no investment story to tell or almost)

Did you have a nice weekend? Mine had been AWESOME! I usually do my cleaning, laundry and everything else on Sunday, but knowing how gorgeous the weather was going to be, I took care of the cleaning on Friday evening.

On Saturday, I wake up around 9 AM, which I rarely do and I went out for breakfast. Following what, I did my grocery shopping. Once I came back, I saw a parade. There was that very good reggae singer and there was green balloon with weed flower on it... AND it was smelling POT! It was a parade for the legalization of marijuana. I am totally against the idea, but I have to say, I very liked the smell of the fresh smoked weed... hummmmmmm it smell gooddd lol.

In the afternoon, I went swimming in an interior pool. It was FREE. I went swimming for a good 2 hours. After that, I came back home, clean my hot new bathing suit, did my nails in a pretty pink shade and I went to the casino. I stupidly lost and played $40. i used to go there and win-win-win. Its good that I actually lost this time because I have better things to do than playing at the Casino. Its not very healthy going there and playing the hard earned money. It doesn't really worth it. Its only create a desire to go back, and go back, ding-ding-ding.... I have enough. In another life, I might had been a great Casino player, but not in this one. After loosing my $40 I went back downtown Montreal for shopping and I went see Iron Man 3. Its a fun movie to watch.

Today, I wake up early, went off for breakfast and I went for a longgg walked to the Mont-Royal. It was absolutely stunning. But the Castor Lake was empty of water. I went to the Cemetery Côte-des-Neiges and I saw the grave of Maurice Richard, a famous hockey player. Its the only celebrities grave I had been able to find. But I have to say, I didn't went deep inside the cemetery. On my way back, I took the wrong trail and I finish my walked in the forest in Côte-des-Neiges. I was totally lost but I noticed some downtown buildings. I was closed to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. On my way back home, I went to ice cream and beer (yeah yeah, you read right)...but oh mistake, a few hours later, I was completely dead. Once home, I take a nap and I did some laundry.

I had plan to work on some HubPages articles this weekend but with the beautiful weather, no-no, no time. I had received recently a $58 from HubPages. The idea was to write more to earn a bit more and pay for my festive shopping of the last few days. I am almost done with the shopping for now. The only other thing I would like is a new pair of sandals but its not a mandatory thing. Especially knowing I have a trip ahead plan for New Brunswick at the end of the month. I have off on Victoria day and I was thinking of going on somewhere. But no plan yet.

And now, another week is about to begin.

I was quite surprised with the amount of cash I had left available following my rent payment. This mean that I haven't done anything with pay I received 2 weeks ago. Which is very strange because I usually transfer any funds available to my margin account. I had $1 500 available. No plan ahea.

Summer is definitively my season. If I wouldn't be working, I would spend all my time outside, or in the pool, or drinking beer until I cannot take no more (but one is generally all I can take).

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Anonymous said...

I thought fat chicks could drink more than one beer....


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