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Monday, May 27, 2013

Jean-François Tardif is finally kicking it on with his JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN)

I arrived yesterday from my trip in New Brunswick. It was fun, but it rain most of the time I was there. I never saw such a rainy weather. It barely never rain for 4 days on a row in New Brunswick, but it did when I was there. My next go-away in new Brunswick will be at the end of July-beginning of August. In the meantime, as long as I remain employed, I am thinking of going to maybe to Mont-Tremblant, and I may go back to Ottawa for the 1st of July celebration.

I was away for the past two weekends but I really needed a getaway. I haven't moved from Montreal since Christmas. My expenses on my credit card for the past two trips are not too bad. I am racking on the $1 100 (I really taught it was going to be more). My statement for June is only of $435.41. If I don't buy anything extra like clothes or exotic David's Tea or anymore gifts for my mom when I will go back in July, I will be able to go through those expenses very easily, thanks to my dividend income. but I really need to stay employed and also to take it easy this entire week and also the entire month of June.

On my way back to Montreal yesterday afternoon I bough the Elle Quebec and I read a nice article about Banff and it just gave me the vibe to go there, even for just a few days. I still have 2 vacation day of 2012 to take and we are on May 2013!! I pretty back on vacation days. The matter is just to budget to be able to go everywhere I want.

My mom got a great few gifts. I bought her the CD of Jean-Marc Couture, an Acadian guy who rock at the Quebec Star Academie (its kind of like American Idol). Acadians kick ass every where they go. I bought her some Mango Punch (i think its how its call) David's Tea, a little thing to put on a cup to make some tea, and also a few things from the Body Shop. Nothing for my father, but he enjoyed some tea. I am a girl, gift ideas for men  is just no exactly coming to me easily.

I am just very happy to be at the Second Cup and write this post because I have too much to do at home. I still have my winter clothes to place back in my luggages because I am running out of place in my closet which is quite small to be a girl closet. And on top of that I have my laundry to do, and I also have to empty my bags. Am I going to do anything tonight? NO NOTHING. I am reading Susan Brunner blog and I am about to learn that SHE'S A TRADER TOO!!! Wow! Susan Brunner is a trader and an investor and maybe she's too smart to be read by me but I do read her whenever I  have a chance. I am going to try to go over it.

This is how the ordinary turn into something very special and sexy. From oh f boring Dividend Girl Blog to max of $$$. Bang!

Is it going to be always so easy?

Jean-François Tardif finally decided to kick it on and his fund units are FINALLY exceeding the $10 per unit... Its been a wild and very longggg journey for Tardif but this is what I had been waiting for. I want profit and I want to make a big deal of money on the back of the belove Mr. Tardif. when it come to the JFS.UN, I am looking for much much more. I had been holding my JFT Strategies Fund units for a very long long time now and time have come for Tardif to deliver if not I am never going to be able to move on.

My non-registered is on the $123 600 and I am turning 33 in August.

I need to remain employed, keep getting the dividend cash flow giving and I need Jean-François to take over the effect of the cherish on the Sunday I need marvelous $$$.


Derek said...

I drove through Banff a couple of months ago. It's very touristy. Crowded with tourists, in fact.

Anonymous said...

dump the shares now that you break even. I don't think it will go that much higher especially when the markets are making record highs every day!!! look markets are making record high, YET one of your MANY holding just made it back to where you bought it. Just breaking even!!! Imagine, a stock market crash, your JFT will go down again...

Sean said...

Taught = past tense of "teach"
Thought = past tense of "think"

Sunny said...

I went to Alberta one time and it was a way long time ago. I would like to visit Banff even if its extra touristic.


I don't agree at all about dumping JFS.UN shares. They are breaking through. At this point so far, JFS.UN had been a stable investment at least.

Tardif is doing much better than Sprott. I had lost like crazy on the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. At least, the JFS is steady and may turn into something more lucrative later.


Its only English... come on.

Ing-ang-ong! chin-chong!

At least, we can understand each other, there's nothing such language barrier.



Anonymous said...

bought some hr.un today

Anonymous said...

HI Sunny,

Maybe put a stop loss or trailing stop
on your stock just incase? I enjoy reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Reasonably priced accommodations in Banff for us, as a family this past winter was "The Douglas Fir" - Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Enbridge looks a good price to get in

Ruth said...

love the way you are with your parents and the gifts you give your mom, you have your priorities in the right order. i see our Telus stock didn't quite take the hit that some others did. my daughter used to manage the Banff Springs hotel..she lives in Canmore is worth the trip Sunny, do it NOW.

Sunny said...

H&R Real Estate Investment Trust (HR.UN) seem to be a nice investment. It is currently trading at almost its lowest 52 last week value.

Stop loss is an idea but it is not a good one because the stop loss doesn't make any difference between a what I will call a following crash (you stock is loosing in value simply because the stock market is experiencing a crash) or a real danger.

In case of a stock market crash, your stock will recover - I have experimented that myself.

A stop loss is not a really good idea for that reason.

A Banff vacations trip is an idea I have but it probably won't be right now.

Anonymous said...

I was with Tardif during his Sprott days..He doubled my money.I wouldnt dump JFS.UN He was in the top 50 hedge fund managers in N.America.

Sunny said...

I don't plan do sell my JFS.UN units, but the launch was sloww. I was expecting faster results. but now with a 15%+, JFS.UN gave me the expected results. But I have to say I was expecting a bit more.

Martin R. Gutnik, LL.B. said...

I enjoy watching Tardif when I catch him on BNN. He is interesting and though provoking. Remember that the only way to riches is hard work and lots of luck. those that think otherwise will be disappointed. Stock markets are a game that is difficult to play even for professionals. It is wise to select and play with a professional - but never bet the farm. You must learn to live with volatility and paper losses to play the game. If not - stick with GICs. Not worth the lost sleep you will experience. Never overestimate your risk tolerance! If losing 10% of your investment would cause you to fret - stay away from stocks!!
Martin R. Gutnik, LL.B.


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