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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Welcome in my portfolio Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX)

This is going to be a quick morning post as I arrived early today as I taught a colleague was going to take another sick day. But since she arrived on time I decided to escape and I will go there at my usual time.

This is not something fresh and new from Susan Brunner blog, but a time ago, I read about her investing in Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX), so I decided to do the same! LOVE U DEAR SUSAN.


Why this?

Well, at this point, i barely know what to invest in anymore in term of new stocks. Derek Foster has escaped the Canadian stock market to the US one. The guys at Sprott can no longer deliver. Jean-François Tardif is driving me crazy these days because he simply cannot kick it off. JFS.UN is just at a low $10, same point as the entry point. So no loss and no money made. I need Jean-François Tardif to deliver. I had been waiting so f long for his return!!! I knew he was coming back and he did. And he did so the medium-small-poor investors can invest with him. However, since his return, the JFS.UN hasn't been one of those great investment. I need some shit that will perform. I need profit.

So previously, I said $%* Tardif, I am going to get rich on my own. And this is exactly what I am doing now. However, I still hold JFS.UN in my portfolio and I think I will always. My expression is the expression of an in deep maddness. Tardif is the most secret and enjoyable fund manager there is out there. I won't let him away of my investment, but I will express my stress and the future enjoyment of getting rich on his lovely back.

First of all, when ABX began earlier this year to its lowest level, Susan Brunner said it was a too good opportunity to miss. Its not too late to get in the boat now and enjoy some lovely profit. If you buy now, your dividend income will be a bit more of 4%. Also, if you are of the adventurous type, this stock might be good to perform some day or week trading on it. Like buy now, sell a bit later. BUT, knowing the value of gold and of that company, it could be a one of those fantastic idea to just simply buy and holdddd forever Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX). So instead of just continuing flashing on my Jean-François Tardif, I decided to get rich by my own and be just extra smart and invest in Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX). I invest in my RRSP because I had more than 1k available there and I also invested in my non-registered.

So today, when the stock market bell will rings, I will be on my way to make a good fortune not on the back of Jean-François Tardif secret lover but on the back this time of Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX). This is how smart girls get rich.

You  may not hear from me for the next couple days after today because I will be away.


Liquid said...

Great choice :D I recently bought some Goldcorp, one of Barrick's competitors. I think this is a good time to start accumulating a position in gold mining companies because when the price of gold nuggets go up some day we'll profit heh (^_^) I may pick up some shares of ABX too just for the nice dividend :)

Anonymous said...

Nice buy sunny. Good entry point and it won't go much lower at these prices

Anonymous said...

gold company = speculative play

with gold prices going down this is why the stock went down so much

the company will cut their dividend if the price of gold goes lower again...

Anonymous said...

I'm with Liquid on this! I've been debating between G and ABX too... Although I think there is more downside to gold at this time, so I have been scouting for nice upside mining stuff at his time. A gold stock is next on my aquisition list hopefully in mid summer... -Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Barrick is in serious financial trouble and I wouldn't be suprised to see the company go bankrupt at some point.

Anonymous said...

Ruth was right, she would've been better off investing more money in PPL that was trading at 27$ with a dividend of 6% at the time. That 2,000 would be worth $2,000 would be worth $2,675 today for a 1 year return of 33.75%. Instead, the $2,000 is still only worth 2,000 and the only one making money is Jean Francois.

Anonymous said...

Please stop buying risky stocks. Buy and hold high quality low risk stock for long run. I'm getting more than 20% return for my investment in blue-chip companies.

Anonymous said...

barrack has so much debt. during the financial crisis this company was in serious trouble trading in the single digits!!!

Anonymous said...

gold silver oil = gambling stocks. yes it goes up fast, but it can come down fast and in a hurry. gold prices have been dropping like a stone lately and dramatically

Anonymous said...

I bought 2000 shares of Kinross Gold last week at $5.89. Our gold stocks look cheap.

Sunny said...

Thanks for your comments.

So far, I am very pleased with ABX. I plan to hold this one.

Oil and silver are gambling. gold is better, but can be volatile too. Try something to invest in that is not volatile... not too much choices.

It is sooo true, Jean-François Tardif is the only one making money here!!!!


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