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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I love nice long weekends

I haven't blog in quite sometime. I just post on the comments, check quickly out of my stocks. I had been busy at work. Other than working, I sometimes go to the movies, I go shopping and I like to take longg walks around downtown Montreal. But this past weekend, I wasn't in Montreal, I was in Ottawa.

It was too much at the last minute for my bro, I went upset, say chitty things about his ex girlfriend hang up on him, but went anyway to Ottawa, but not at my brother place of course. I saw my brother on Monday despite the incident. And I learned that my brother suffer from an anxiety problem. He sometimes wake up in the middle of night and feel like he's about to die. My doors are always open to family, no matter what. I don't exactly understand the relation between his anxiety problem and not being able to welcome me in his apartment. In his case, it was a you should have left me know in advance. but he told me he doesn't want to deal with stress anymore. Am I that of a big sister? I GUESS SO :) Anxiety problem is not to laugh about but I am kind of related to my brother problem in a sad way.

Its true I like to comment about everything related to his life but its good comment. Like I suggest him to switch to a one bedroom instead of 2. He would save about $100 per month. At the end of one year, it make $1 200 in saving. So why doesn't he take that option? Because he wants to keep his comfort. The problem is that my very own brother doesn't want to make any sacrifice. He doesn't deprive himself of anything he wants. Like he wanted once to buy a new desk to put his CD owns... I told him: you don't need that. I try to make him understand how to save money. i told him that by not buying it he will save some money. But he didn't get that. Instead, he suffer from anxiety  He always been active and a bit of the nervous type but I think that his problems with money only made things worst. I wanted to give him $150 for staying at his place but he refuse. I said I could give him $50 but he refused. And I was also willing to borrow him $50 but he didn't want too. The only thing I bought him was a tea treat and it was about it. Nothing more. But its not because I didn't want too.

If I would had known sooner about his anxiety, I would had stopped and I wouldn't have scream at him and everything else. And I wouldn't had say some bad things about his ex girlfriend. But the girl was a bitch anyway. Like Derek Foster wife, she's Korean. But I don't know if Derek Foster wife is the kind of a bitch or not. I hope not for him!! lol. Don't ask me if its the South or North, I don't know. Anyway, it went well for a while and following what she decided she wanted to live someplace else. I don't know more.

My mom always been very good at saving money. I got that too very tight in my soul, but not my brother. I try to help him and make him understand, but I am not successful at it. The easiest things are sometimes among the most difficult to explain. I am not the type who earn 50k+ salary a year, but with what I earn as money over the years, I had been able to build a nice portfolio and I am currently at a net worth of a bit more than 90k. I saved money were I could and it paid off. I could stay in a 3 and a half apartment, buy myself some nice furnitures, a plastma TV and everything else. I could, I have the money for. But I am not interested in those things because it will make me spend more. And by not having too much spending I can afford a few little trips here and there. Life is expensive in Ottawa area. It more than important to evaluate each saving opportunity properly. But I cannot help no more, I am stressing out my brother and making him feel sad.  

He was looking great and didn't look like he had trouble to sleep. The only problem is that he's not willing to take any of my advice.

It was last minute plan, but no big deal, Ottawa is not that far away from Montreal. And I wanted to be sure I was going to have a nice weather. I have a very beautiful Saturday, a bit of rain on Sunday and a bit cloudy on Monday. Since my brother didn't want me in, I pass Saturday and Sunday nights at the University of Ottawa (summer accommodation). It was $35 + taxes a night, a good deal compare to the price of a hotel. But next time, there's that hotel that I really want to try, its the Hilton Hotel at the Lac Lemay Casino on Hull side. It start at $249 per night. It look very gorgeous and the swimming pool look absolutely awesome. So i told my bro that next time I will rent a room there and we'll be able to enjoy the swimming pool. There's an indoor and outdoor one, quite nice.

Poooorrr students who have to stay there during the year. The room are extra small and its a bit crappy. Like there's men and women on the same floor. We have the showers and toilets outside the room. There's one shower/toilet thing for the men, and another one for the women. Only problem, once being inside, there's no shower door that you can lock. And the main door doesn't lock. So yeah,, whenever someone want to catch the picture of a nice looking girl taking her shower, she or he can...

Oh.. and the shower was COLD. Yak!

Other than that, it was ok. I left my luggage inside their lobby on Monday and when I came back around 5 pm, my luggages were still there, waiting for me. In my case, I wanted something cheap. I guess foe the shower thing, if a girl is alone and really care well, I guess you can always shower wearing a bathing suit!!! I wasn't scare, just a bit annoy that my beautiful booty could be so easily at see of a sexy guy.

After a few days in Ottawa, I was happy to go back home even if for now that "home" is in Montreal. What I need is a boyfriend that will pay everything for me. From trips to rent for everything. But on the meantime, I can get everything I want anyway.

While going away like that, there's always some laundry that need to be done, things to be clean... I am going again to a little trip really soon. This time to my hometown in New Brunswick. And after that I will have July 1st off and also about 2 weeks at the end of July-beginning of August. I always like to take my vacations on the last week of July.

I have pictures on my camera chip but I am too lazy to get it on my laptop. But i haven't been too lazy not to look at my broker account. my stocks are doing well these days. My non-registered alone is at $125 362.33. Almost a 5%+ up. I am quite happy, as you can imagine. I had accumulated great dividend too in and out my TFSA. I have a $80 something coming from my dividend in my TFSA that I would love to withdraw. But TD Waterhouse make things very difficult because there's only one free withdraw per year. That being if the rules haven't change.

In other words, TD Waterhouse don't give a damn of how rich I am. They want to make money on my back well hell yeah, TD suck sometimes. I had many problem of that type with TD Waterhouse. Not having the liberty to do what I want with my money is yes the hell of a problem. I have a bus ticket to New Brunswick to pay off and I need to bring down my margin to 50k. I am currently to 52k. That's because I used a 2k to pay off a credit card left over debt. The dividend income is kicking on and I just hope one day I will be able to leave Quebec province forever.


Anonymous said...

Hold up, you borrowed money from your margin account to pay off a credit card? So much for the tax deduction on the interest for that money.. are you not aware why that's a problem? How is the person preparing your taxes not warning you that this is not allowed?? If you're claiming tax deductions for money that wasn't used for investment purposes this is basically tax fraud.

Anonymous said...

stop winning about quebec, just leave for god sake. move to ottawa with your brother... or anywhere else...

Anonymous said...

in the grand scheme of things you ain't that rich.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I think you're wrong. She originally took on the credit card debt to invest, so those loans are tax deductible. On the other hand, Sunny needs to take a sabbatical from her investment account for 6 months. Go long and stop messing around. Spend the summer being a sexy francophone at a tree planting camp or the beach or something.

Anonymous said...

If shes paying off a cc that was only used for investing, then yes. But if shes used it for personal use then its a big problem because she has to track the deductibility of *all* the purchases and payments made to the card. If shes not, then shes claiming interest on the cc used for inesting purposes when its not. Given her scatterbrain portfolio and that shes even referred to it as debt "ping pong", I doubt shes doing thorough record keeping.

Sunny said...

I find some comments so terribly funny in a way.

I pay my consumer debt on a monthly basis. I used my credit card to purchase everything and I pay it off entirely.

What I currently hold as debt is a student loan and the rest is all debt related to investment.

What I refer as "Ping pong" is the credit card balance transfer process.

Anonymous said...

I also find the comments about your credit card payment so hilarious!


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