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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A future King is one day old today; long life to the King!

Its been a little while since I haven't post anything here. I had been busy and so far I had a nice summer. I am going home to New Brunswick tomorrow night for a couple days. I hope the weather will be nice because my suitcase is too small to bring everything. I am bringing my laptop, so in case I am getting on a blogging and its raining and the weather suck, you might hear from me. Because if it rain, I will stay inside and watch TV.

My non-registered portfolio is at $118 851, which is quite good. I had received some very great dividend distribution in July so far. Its looking quite good for a $600+ in dividend income for July. i am considering a little trip in August, but I don't know exactly where. I have a few choices: the Mont-Tremblant, the Massif of Charlevoix or... Ottawa. My brother is in Ottawa - and also Derek Foster lol. I like Ottawa but after a while, it can get boring. And I am very use to it so I was thinking the Mont-Tremblant because someone at work is from there and said the lakes are nice. And I always wanted to go there. Its a tourist destination, but even more in winter.

According to Revenu Quebec, my annual income exceed the 50k. And according to them, I own them an extra $12... Its completely hilarious. Yeah, suck me Quebec, suck me. Get everything you want from me but hell, let me go to New Brunswick. I guess the $12 could be right because here in Quebec, we pay for the health insurance. I haven't see a doctor in more than 10 years, but yeah, I am going to pay the f f BS health insurance. I am in very good health, I never missed a day of work in my life, so Quebec province, don't get me on my nerve, I don't want to benefit from your health system, my imagination is greater than everything you can offer. I have the power to take of myself by my own. I have the control over the greatest power - meaning the great me lol.

It make me laugh sometimes people going to the gym, training very very hard and after, having all sort of health problem and injuries. My health philosophy is the following: my body can naturally take the shape that it want, as long as it doesn't get overweight. I could certainly work on losing weight but if my body feel the need to have extra curves, why should I beat it and treat it badly? I have a great body line. The charm is all in the line. What doesn't stick to the outside is not that a big deal because its or like extra huge. Its curvy, its sexy, its all me.

And yes, I have pack my bathing suite in my suitcase, don't worry. Got to be proud of what God gave you as assets and show it all in a distinct and graceful way and manners.

Skinny girls are not at there place on the stock market. It take bones, curves, a good health and good psyche just to have anything to do with it. The past couple weeks had been very difficult.

A commentator just wrote something saying that I won't received so much negative comments if I would be more transparent. Hey, mother f, if having access to my debt portfolio, my portfolio AND my personal diary is not enough for you, don't get on the mother, get on yourself and do on yourself okay? Is that clear enough? Am I transparent enough now?

Like I am writing about everything and I am being asked for more. I cannot show more if not myself completely naked but that's a pleasure you won't be able to savor, if not certainly not here and publicly. Because I am the Queen, I am the Dividend Girl Princess and you have to respect that. I am giving away a mix of good and bad information for absolutely free on my blog, so don't ask too much.

I could certainly post an update of my portfolio but I said it in the past, I will say it again. I only publish update of my portfolio when it is up. Otherwise, in pretty much all of my posts, I disclose the value of my non-registered and how much left I have available on my margin account. What can be more transparent than that? Especially my Debt section. If I wanted to play and to fool, I wouldn't have publish a Deb section, I wouldn't have tell about my failures to save more money, I wouldn't have explain that in deep margin and its consequences.

I know it must be very hard to accept but there is no doubt that the perfection is just right here on this blog. There cannot be a more tangible financial blogger. It is just so very real.

So now, time have come to applaud your favorite princess okay?

Because this is all what it is about. I want my readers to be at my feet, to be totally in to me. If your not that into me, time for you to move on. I want a bunch of unsex lovers.


Anonymous said...

i know you use shock factor because it attracts people to your blog but you don't have to be mean to your readers if they are asking you an honest question. not sure if this is an investment blog anymore or just a blog about you ranting and raving about how perfect you should take the advice of your readers since some of them provide good advice - some people are trying to help you out so you don't lose all your money...but keep being mean to people and i'm sure less and less people will give a flying fuck...

Anonymous said...

This is not a serious personal finance blog. It's incoherent and inaccurate. Dangerous for anyone who listens to her or follows her "strategy". If anything it's a blog of what not to do.

Anonymous said...

This is Sunny's blog! She has never asked any advice from her readers.

Anonymous said...

I just mainly visit this blog now to read the reactions readers have to Sunny's rants/raves.

You have a very entertaining blog Sunny.


Anonymous said...

Sunny said "The content of this blog reflect my very own personal experience with finance and it shouldn’t be consider as a professional view on investment"

Anonymous said...

Yep, I've said it before, I think she's trolling.

Anonymous said...

Yup, definitely a troll. Nothing more. Do not follow any foolish advice on this blog.

It is all fake!


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