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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Here come the thunder: are you ready for Black Diamond Group Limited (BDI)?

At this point, my portfolio value - after margin at TD is now 100k. That's quite an enormous amount of money - at least for me. So how come its all working well for me? I think its because I am investing the way I want and I do what I want. Having something really impersonal as portfolio, having someone managing my money wouldn't work well for me. The trick is to focus on the long term and to stay on track. If you believe in something, if you feel that you really need to invest in that X stock because you really really think its the best thing to do well just do it.

One recent example of my perseverance is New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI). I had invested in NFI back in January 2011. The stock had experimented a roller-caster ride. Shareholders had to vote at one point on the way they wanted their shares - all very complicated stuff. Overtime, New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI) had become what I had name one of my troublemaker stock - a stock which value play the yo-yo and is down most of the time.

I never gave up on the stock because its located on Canada Wild West and I like the look of their buses lol

I worked on impression more than anything else. But I stick to it and I taught that holding was the right thing to do. I remembered now today something that Derek Foster (oh no not him again!!!! ahaha) said in an email (because he had the courage to reply to me like every single times). It was something saying that if the creditable of a company remain intact, that it could worth it to hold in a stock.

Of course, its always much more complex than that but back than, I haven't received that email from Derek Foster so I was even more ignorant and clueless. But I wanted to hold.

It can become very difficult overtime to hold on to some difficult stocks, the troublemakers one. But it something you get use to and can even make fun of by naming those stock troublemakers. So I had my troublemakers, and i still have troublemakers today.

But NFI is no longer from the list. NFI is now very closed - just a few bucks away - from the amount of my original investment. This is quite spectacular knowing how much this stock went through since 2011. And those are the kind of things we Canadian have to become very proud of. Of the hability to our businesses to rebuild themselves, to move on. Not all succeed. Its always a very personal choice to stick on to difficult holding. But if you believe in those stocks and have faith in them, you should no let them go like garbage. Our economy is not garbage. We need to celebrate the power of our Canadian economy, even if a guy at the name of you know who... aHH what the heck, let's name him again ok, one more time.. DEREK FOSTER lollll AND Jean-François Tardif. Well those 2 are involved in the US market when the US is absolutely very an awful place to be.

I don't want to encourage a develop country who doesn't care enough about its very own citizens to give an equal access to everyone, from prostitutes, poors, homelesses, to a free healthcare system. There's some people who are in desperate need of health care and it is extremely sad to hear stories of bankrupcy and stuff like time, complete misery because the US system doesn't care and is just obviously a wholly bag of shit.

I don't want to support hypocrisy in any kind of way. This is why I care about the Canadian market and that I am almost 100% Canadian invested. As Canadian, its our responsibility to make our businesses shine inside our portfolio. We are better. We are Canadians!

I was right about NFI and I hope to recover from my investment mistakes.

This is why Jean-François Tardif and Derek Foster are 2 men very very important in my life. But there's not only men, there's women too. Like Susan Brunner, for example.But I prefer to talk about men if you don't mind.

I began investing in stocks are reading Derek Foster books and I made a fortune on his stocks. ENF, ENB, PPL, CDL.A, etc.

As for Jean-François Tardif, he always turned me on while he was a hedge fund manager at Sprott. So when I heard he was launching a fund of his own, I jumped on the occasion, I even got in the initial public offering of his fund. I was excited because I saw the opportunity to cover for my investment mistakes. His fund was going to perform very well, I would do some great $$$ on him and it will have cover for my investment mistakes. But on date of today, Jean-François Tardif fund haven't deliver yet.

I am still waiting.

But in the meantime, I am getting richer my by own way.

Stuff like Black Diamond Group Limited (BDI) - a stock I hold - had performed very well lately. Just go check it out.

That is what I call a girl in action. The mister Jean-François doesn't want to perform? Well, wake-up now or later Jean-François, I don't really need you..... or almost.


Christine said...

Oh BDI is very good! Has a long upwards trend.. good find!

Anonymous said...

Your non registered portfolio was 126k on July 31st, 2012. That's down about 6%. The tsx composite index was up 10% over the same time period.



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