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Friday, July 12, 2013

Welcome in my non-registered portfolio BCE Inc. (BCE) and Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ)!

The transfer of my Data Group Inc. (DGI), Sprott Inc. (SII) and Chorus stocks over my TFSA is completed. In result of that transfer, my non-registered portfolio closed yesterday session at $116 126 and the effect was spectacular; I had a gain of 8% in my portfolio. The gain is in result of the transfer of a couple of losers of mine over my TFSA. And during that time, my margin has left $10 714 on it.

But now, the gain are even more. The reason being quite simple, its because I used this week paycheck to invest in 2 new stocks: BCE Inc. (BCE) and Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ). Stella-Jones is new to my non-registered portfolio, but its not all new to the Dividend Girl. I had been holding on some Stella-Jones stock in my portfolio since March 2013. I plan to perform a long time trade on this one. My plan is to sell my Stella-Jones stocks once they will have gain 60%. It may take a while, but if lucky, I will be able to cash in some great return in 2-3 years and, why not, even earlier.

In result of today latest purchase, my non-registered portfolio is at $117 825.94, +10%, $10 700+. And now, let keep things that way!

That's nice! However, keep in mind, I had lost a couple thousands on the losers I had transferred over my TFSA. The reason why I transferred them over is that I didn't want to sell them. And since SII, DGI, CHR.B had lose their loan value, I decided to transfer them to my TFSA. Its a decision that can be easily critical, but it is my decision.

I made a great deal of money on Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ) inside my RRSP account, so I decided to repeat the experience in my non-registered account. I also decided to let know Derek Foster about Stella-Jones because time had come for the man to get back on the Canadian side. See what I mean? So does Derek Foster knows Stella-Jones? And if so, does he likes the stock?

Do you want to find out?

Me tooo!!

Ok so here it goes:

"I am familiar with the company (railway ties and utility poles).  Good, simple business and very low-tech, which is great.  I just don't know what keeps competitors from competing and undercutting their price?  Is their comparative large size a benefit that keeps costs down?  I don't think customers seek out their products specifically, so they need a cost advantage with a commodity product...  I feel I've mostly missed the boat already - up almost 100% over the last year....but the whole market has been on a tear the last year or so...
Thanks for emailing and hope you enjoy your summer also.  Cheers, Derek"

Well, one fact for sure, I haven't miss the boat because I had been on Stella-Jones case for the past couple of months. Did I pay too much today for my new investment in Stella-Jones? I don't think so. Future will tell is sexy kitten was right or wrong on this one.


Anonymous said...

what's your entry prices and how many shares did you buy

Sunny said...

The entry price was $44.37 and the number of shares was less than 30.

Anonymous said...

Bough at one month high. Bad timing!

Anonymous said...

I left this comment for Brunner re: her analysis of Stella back in 2011.
Stella Jones- one trick pony?
The primary business is pressure treated wood for industrial useage. A narrow demand. Other products ie. cement & plastic are increasingly used/researched for railway. Koppers, a competitor, has other business interests in carbon products. Stella Jones pays a divi semi annual...this may not be tasty to income divi watchers. Can Stella Jones keep up the acquisiton pace? Is Stella Jones already market priced out, awaiting a long sideways move? I haven't analyzed the co. lately, but to me its not a sector I like.

Anonymous said...

bought too high again

Anonymous said...

tdwaterhouse will start charging 2 dollar for mailed statement and confirmations, what a bummer. it's gonna cost me to print the documents for my record keeping and tax purposes what a bummer... probably other banks will start to do the same, save lots of money and more profit for them...


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