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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wanna make a hole bunch of money? Like me, take a wild bet on Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ)

I had until July 10th to pay off my balance of my BMO MasterCard. At the end of May, I went on a trip to Ottawa and I also visited my old folks in New Brunswick. it was nice time, but the spending rack up on my credit card. I always pay the balance of my credit card every month.

But for July 10th, my credit card balance was a little bit higher than usual: $1 400.

That's quite a lot of money. I am going on vacation again in about 2 weeks from now. So I told myself that I had to watch carefully on my expenses until that time. For August 10th, I am looking for a balance of not more than $1 000.

There's no magic trip. The only way to save more money is to spend less. That's why I came with a plan to save on money for the next 2 weeks.

I had watched Gail Vaz-Oxlade TV show Money Moron and I got inspired by her. In this episode, Gail gave a girl $100 cash to a girl to week on for 2 weeks. I had done this before, living on a $50 a week. So I figured out that if I had done it before, I could do it again. But while living it, its not easy because - just an example - right now, I would really like to get an hair cut, but I only have $100 to live on for 2 weeks... For 2 weeks, its going to be austerity...

I am also keeping all of my receipts and I plan to do a little spending journal - that's how Gail takes care of morons in her show.

I never had too much trouble to save money, but I find that the more I am earning, the wilder the door is open to temptation of all sorts. With my earning that goes up, its easier to spend more. But instead of spending more, I would rather like to save more.

The $1 400 credit card bill is not that huge considering it include 2 little trips and my monthly regular expenses. I am not against spending money, but I want to be more careful at it. That way, I will be able to

Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ) is very hot right now.

I had invested in Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ) for the first time in March 2013. Since that time, I made a 30% profit on the stock! That's right; in less than one year, I made a return of 30% on one single stock.

It would be nice isn't if all of my stocks were performing that good!!!

Oh yeah baby.

Right now, Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ) is trading at a bit less than $100 per stock. The idea here is too jump in my Stella BEFORE it hit the $100 per stock. Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ) is the absolute best friend companion for traders. Why? Because it has low trading volume records. This play in our favor because the stock continue to grow non stop. Since there's not too much trading on this stock, it increase our chances to make $$$ on this one.

Let me explain myself better.

Look at SJ chart for the past 10 years. You'll see a non stop grow there. Of course, past result cannot confirm for sure future results, but probabilities are that, since SJ had survives and grow despite numerous stock crashes, its a sign that right now, the foundation is well set off.

Currently, it seem like we are moving on a grow scheme when it come to SJ. Its value is stable and grow. I mean, what do I have to say more?

Personally, I plan to increase Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ) trading volume by... trading it. I will perform a hot and sexy move simply by purchasing, holding for a little while and than BOUM selling and cashing in the flow. See what I mean?

Traders, have fun on Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ).


Anonymous said...

you got lucky when you invested back in march and made a huge gain. in fact I would sell it and consider not buying more. such a runup in a short period means either the stock will go down or sideways and enter a consolidation phase for quite sometime. the article is just pumping up the stock to lure investors like you to either start buying or buy more... while the smart money starts dumping!!! just watch... why wasn't this stock was recommended when it was trading at 75? all of a sudden 100 sounds more attractive...

Anonymous said...

Ah so you make a little more money and you spend a little more. But you keep knocking other people that spends on things you can't afford like fancy cars and big houses because they make more money than you do.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at you Sunny-You are now a trader instead of an investor..what gives?


Anonymous said...

If you wanted to make a lot of money, you should have been invested in US stocks for the last 5 years.

Anonymous said...

at what price you bought bce? I don't recall seeing in your blog. but aren't you a bit contradictory views on bce. I remember you dissing all quebec companies and you wrote specifically why not to invest bce...

Anonymous said...

never was an investor, impulse and reckless gambler and doesn't have the slightest idea how to invest and what she invest, only losing money overall, a monkey can do a much better job than you blind folded...


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