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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back from New Brunswick

Too bad, but my vacations are now over. I arrived today at 2 am. I didn't have too much problems on the bus because when I took the ride, I wasn't tired. So in result, I think for the first time ever, I went on the bus clean, drug free, under the toxic influence of nothing at all. I didn't take my usual Gravol pills or anything else to survive the trip.

I had a great time at home despite the mix of thunder, rain, and rain again; clouds and occasionally, one or two sunshine that never last very long. But I had been able to swim outside one little time, at least. It took me about 30 minutes to get in the lake but at least, I make it happen - one little single time. I swim in inside pool here in Montreal really often, but there's nothing better than a natural lake and, even better, the sea. The evenings were very cold in New Brunswick. The nights and early mornings were cold too, unfortunately.

Once back in Montreal I was all good and I waked up to the construction noises made in the building facing my apartment. There're some renovations going on and its been going on since this Spring. And it doesn't seen to be over yet. I did pretty much everything I had planned. The usual boring stuff, laundry and grocery shopping.

Its quite revealing that I had to immigrate in Quebec province, stealing jobs away from Quebeckers themselves, stealing their best looking men from the poor little Quebec female. Poor poor poor Quebec ladies. Its a shame but its like that for now. And I wonder what will happen tomorrow at work because I already have a bad surprise today so I just hope I won't get another one today. When I picked my mail today, I saw a letter from the janitor. Starting September, my monthly rent will be of $620 instead of $610. I had to take a $10 increase on my monthly rent. My Solidarity Tax Credit is of a bit more than $10 per month, so the increase will be cover that way. I am too lazy to search for a new place to live. And while being in Quebec, I don't live, I am just there, waiting for the money to jack in and accumulate and accumulate. Here in Quebec, I don't live, I am a ghost.

The ghost is now going to sleep.

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