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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Dividend Girl look like a 20 something guerdile

Big dirty day at work today. I am just coming back from visiting an apartment. $550 not too far from my actual place but reallllll tiny tiny. Its a place to kind in mind in case of real need, but other than that, for what I saw today, no-no. The man asked me my age because he said he didn't want people less than 25 year of age as renters... I am 32, hitting the 33 soon. I mean, I look less than 25? REALLY?


I had a big smile in my 32 year sexy face when I left the building. OH MY GOD! 

I said it many times on this blog, I am giving myself something like 25, maybe 24-23. But don't imagine that its because I have small boobs. BECAUSE ITS NOT THE CASE OK. Otherwise, I will describe myself as more an angel beauty who look nice with makeup on. But without makeup, I am just like the stars, I look like nothing. I guess I look like a nice chick. Kind, really not aggressive what so ever. More than like a sex kitty with the soul of a soldier inside in the mind. And the mind is twisted by a criminal sex attitude.

I look young, but you know it, I wrote it before, I began to have a few white hairs. Which is strange because my mom only began to have white hair, she's pass 60, and for my father, he began to have white hair in his fifties. So I may not be the girl of my mom and dad, who knows.

I guess this is the perfect timing to say what I need to say. I couldn't mix the following information with the previous post about bed bugs. I couldn't write in that post that Derek Foster and his wife welcome their 6th child in this world!!!!

Isn't great?

For quite a time, Derek has 5 children, but I always had problem with that number. You might had noticed at some point. When it came Derek Foster, I had the number 6 in mind and here had came the miracle. The 6th child is born. I would like to be able to read in my own life that easily, but its not quite easy, if not that I used to have dreams with a lot of red in it. I was seeing red, nothing really specific, but something abstract, something broken, red flash and something black. I guess my English is just not good enough to be able to perfectly describe. What I saw was more of the like of destruction. And I had that in my life. Like when I returned to New Brunswick, I knew somewhere it wasn't to be for long. But I decided to go anyway, I had been promised a permanent job and I REALLY wanted to leave Montreal for the rest of my life. I went there for 6 months, after what I was laid off, the non-profit organization was closed to bankruptcy. I went to court, win a bit of money, nothing much. But it was my path to do so. In the process, I destroyed the ego of a bunch of people and I was very proud of of that. I am not afraid of fight and I LOVE to deal with F@ckers.

Its hard to imagine but we all have a path in life and it cannot be avoid, but it can be control. I enjoyed however my few months in New Brunswick because I had been able to be with my family and also, I took a rest during that time. No one can shit on me without consequences. I am not a criminal but I do have a criminal mind and when I think of revenge and I think of a gun full of bullets that I can put very high in the air, well you know, its not a physical gun, but an invisible one. There's many situations I am not able to handle but I do handle them anyway. I guess that living in Montreal again is giving me a lott of aggressivity (how come this word is turning red, its not like that we write aggressively aggresivity). Its seem like its not a word!!! You know and I know that F@ckers is not the proper way to write the word.

I hope to be able to make more money from my portfolio real soon or I feel I am going to lose control and to out with a 18 old little boy. lol

What I want for my readers is to have the exact sex attitude and to be fighters. I don't want of lazy, weak readers. I don't want you get boring with age you know.

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Christine said...

That's great that you fought for your money. And now you know how to deal with legal issues better because you did. Yes always better to be a fighter... and a sexy face 32 year old hahaha! ;)


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