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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Its always the same old stories around here

My non-registered portfolio is now under the 118k mark. At a bit more than 117k, the value is still great, but 118k would had been better. I had a limited access to Internet while being at home in New Brunswick, so I had been able to watch over my stocks. Luckily, the value of my portfolio had stayed stabilize. I normally checked on my portfolio everyday, most of the days.

I just came back from vacation, but I felt tired today and I would had stayed in bed all day. I didn't even take a shower before going to work. I was too tired to feel disgusted about it. I just spray on dry shampoo and perfume and I tied up the curls in a pony tail and I finally took a taxi to go to work. I never missed one single day of work of my entire life. I want it to remain that day. I need cash and right now, I need cash more than ever. And hourra, if I am not mistaking, I am supposed to received a pay tomorrow.

For the past couple months, I had said multiple times that I would get a part-time job, but I never did. I however try to expand my freelance activities, but I didn't get new contracts and for the past couple months, nothing had moved on that side. It is true that I didn't try very hard. I am just very curious to see what a few other tried may bring in. I was more successful as a freelancer when I was living in Ottawa. That was a few years ago, even before I started this blog. Back then, I wasn't the Dividend Girl. This make me think on how old I am. Be ready because I am turning 33 on August 27. Understand? Need to be ready for the pow-wow. I did not forget about the 600 000 view celebrations I was supposed to do a little way back. If you don't mind, we are going to celebrate it all together: me the chika turning 33 AND me celebrating the 600 000+++ views of

That domain address is totally out of control and is just soooooooooo cute. Don't you think so?

I spend a few hundreds on my vacation - without regret, but my debt is slowly adding up. I have debt, but I also my limit. For once, - it actually happen a few times occasionally when I really have nothing on my stock WANTED list. I have a few thousands I want to clear off. My 1k+ of tomorrow will go over the credit line that I used to pay off my taxes and from where I also withdraw fresh cold cash for my vacations.

This post is going to end here.


Christine said...

So out of curiosity why are you always holding some form of debt? Are you borrowing to invest at low interest rates?

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about Arbonne, scentsy, Avon, or grace adele as a side business

heffer said...

That's a huge milestone (^_^) I only have 100,000 so far. Going to take awhile for me to catch up lol.


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