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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

50 Shades of a Dividend Girl

Its quite difficult to believe that the stock market is now exceeding the 13 000 points! It took like forever to reach back that point. And now it seem like we are back on track for the 14 000 points. If I remember correctly, the Canadian stock market was in the 15 000 points before the crash of 2008. My non-registered portfolio is at a youpi $123 455.56, +10.70%.

My lost in Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) is now of $500 (use to be of 1k...). Its getting better and I think that EIF will increase on value. Finally, my Barrick Gold Corp (ABX) and Heroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX) stocks begin to raise in value. While seeing the stock market raising like that, I enter a sell order to sell off half of my investment hold in NFI. I like NFI, but I hold too much of it and I don't want other situations like the one I live with EIF to happen. 

Everything is unpredictable with the stock market, so better be prepare for the worst. And following a good diversification rule should be a main concern. Maybe its a mistake I am making, but I don't have any strong concerns regarding Premium Brand Holdings Corporation (PBH). I hold 7% of my portfolio in that one and single stock. I invested in PBH following a recommendation of... Jean-François Tardif. Back in the time, Jean-François Tardif was that hot Quebecker coming from a nowhere town, Victoriaville, and back in the time, it was show time for Tardif at Sprott Asset Management! I had anything better to do than just FOLLOW Him. My average cost per shares is $16.67. And right now, the shares are at... $19.45. At $3 profit per stock, I feel I have nothing to fear but I could be wrong. I don't feel like selling any stock of this one.

And talking again about Jean-François Tardif, it seem like the little guy from Victoriaville feel like kicking on some serious bouncy ass. JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) is at +8.90%. Not too bad for a man coming from no where, I say. One major problem with JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) is that it doesn't pay any dividend and the management fees are like extra high. But guess what, I had nothing better to do than just jumping in! Wild chittas like me are making Jean-François Tardif earned a LOT of fresh funky $$$. Isn't he a lucky man? 

Gold and silver are major problems inside my portfolio. I am at a lost of $658 with my investment in FR. And with HGY, I am sitting on a flaty lost of $500.

In my TFSA, I have a trade halt on my Healthlease Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (HLP.UN) investment.

I also have a trade halt on my Student Transportation Inc. (STB) shares. I hold this one inside my non-registered. so imagine: without a trade halt on STB, my portfolio value would be at 124k right now... I never expected my portfolio to gain that much, especially with all the shit happening in the States that scared me so much. But I am now in better position. The value left on my margin is growing (I am now at 15k+ left instead of the usual 13k, and if not even lower). Following my debt situation update, I guess the best thing I can do is keep paying off some debt. Because in term of new investment, I am dead. I have it all in that portfolio. What really else can be add? It simply cannot be better, that's really it. But while really searching, other great stuff can be very easily be find. And I always find great stuff on Susan Brunner blog!

When the TSX is up, everything turn out to be sexy and easy, just the way I like things to be.

I hold 4% of my non-registered value inside Canadian National Railway Co (CNR). And now, CNR had announced a stock splits, 1 stock will split into 2. I don't have anything against share splits; its usually a benefit for shareholders. And its not rare to experiment a gain in the value following a split. So yeah, i am going to double the shares I hold of CNR soon.

Another super great investment of mine, Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ), is about to hit on the 1 for 4 stock split really really soon. The split will be there alive and active next Monday, on October 28th. And I cannot wait. 

I LOVE STOCK SPLITS. There's nothing better.

Another great thing is my latest investment in Shoppers Drug Mart (SC) that gain 3.3% so far. 

See, everything is really easy when the TSX is on a rocket high.

Is this enough of shades of me for tonight or you want more?


Anonymous said...

May be it is the good time to sell your garbage stocks and buy high quality stocks. High quality dividend growth stocks always go north in long run.

Anonymous said...

Ever hear of a Stop Loss order?

Anonymous said...

There's nothing better than stock splits? Do you get excited when someone breaks 1 10 dollar bill for two 5s?

Sunny said...

Stop loss orders are not a good option.

With a stop loss order, you sell blindly your precious stocks at X $ because the value is dropping below the price you have set in the stop loss order.

That is not being smart, its being dumb!

Many factors influence a stock loss in value. It could be the natural flow of the market at that time or that the company is facing temporary difficulties or real long term difficulties.

But the sell loss order is not able to analyse the situation on WHY the stock suddenly is loosing in value. The why is really important and should matter more than short term investment value.

Wow, I cannot even believe I am answering this sooo brilliantly. So SMART :)

Sunny said...

I made the investments I made and I am overall happy with the portfolio I have. Some could see no value in stuff I hold and no interest, but know that I sometime have no interest in insurance companies and oil, among other.

I invest to satisfy my tastes, not any of yours, readers.

I love stock split because its increase the market presence of a stock and it make it more accessible to small investors that I am.


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