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Thursday, October 31, 2013

I am the Dividend Girl and I am voting Mélanie Joly for Montreal Mayor

We are October 31th on this precious day, celebrating Halloween. And tomorrow, we'll be November 1st. Have you seen anything? I don't recall. I will have to read my blog posts.

I had update my dividend income for October. so far, looking good with a $630+. I am a bit scare for my holding in Barrick Gold (ABX) which is on a halt trade. I wasn't expecting such a mess around something I had judge as easy to hold. Because Gold is suppose or was a good investment right? In this economy, no investment is conservatory anymore. Nothing is save, everything is big market playground and absolutely any investment is an open door to lose money. Everything and anything can happen. I am ready for the worst and while waiting, I will go vote this Sunday!

Its quite hard to miss Mélanie Joly in Montreal: there's her pretty face every corners of every Montreal street. Fact is, I don't think Denis Coderre is the right man for Montreal. He had been involved in federal politic and I don't think he's a good candidate for being something "local". He doesn't have the soul it take, Denis Coderre is more than a clown than anything else. 

I am a New Brunswicker and I will always be, but even while being a job stealer to Quebeckers, and also a men stealer, I still have a role to play - believe it or not - in Quebec society. Because the f is that I pay my taxes to Quebec province and I cannot benefit anything related to New Brunswick anymore, not even medical cares. 

Denis Coderre is a fatty man who has a private driver and go around Montreal in.. a car. Is he giving a good example? F@ck@ no. Montreal is the hell of a place to drive a cars because there're too much to what the busy streets can handle. But Mr. Coderre doesn't seem to care, he prefers the comfort and the luxury of a car AND a driver. Denis Coderre is not even elected yet that he lives the big life.

On top of that, he's a big fatty man! Denis Coderre is obese. Poorrrr guy.

Montreal need fresh new blood. Someone who has never been involved in politic before. Montreal needs someone reliable, young, responsible, simple, reasonable, honest and brave.

She might not be perfect, but Mélany Joly is the candidate that match the most my credentials. She never been in politic but she's a lawyer and had worked for a big firm for a few years. Actually, Joly is close to the 33 years or if not 33, 34 or something like that, max 35.

I want hands clean of any kind of corruption and I think she is, even if she's not perfection.  

Denis Coderre is the EXTREME arrogant type of politician and I truly don't trust him at all. Denis Coderre has his chances to make it in the federal scene, but he messed up with the occasion. I don'gt want of a little f"cker being all over the place and not being self discipline and center enough to lose weight and be descent and presentable. I don't want the mayor of Montreal to be a fat fatty pig like the one of Toronto.

COME ON PEOPLE. This is the wake up call. 

Other than weight problems, I don't think that Denis Coderre is all that crystal clean of any corruption. Being a politician before is not a + in my book. And why did he left the federal scene anyway? That is not clear to me. Denis Coderre just want to be there and shine. I hope he will realize his mistakes when Mélanie Joly will be elected Montreal mayor.

So go girl and beat the fat guy, I know you can do it.


Anonymous said...

I like your take on Rob Ford. Keep up the good work!

pattirose said...

nice to see the top comments back!

Sunny said...

Yeah, the application got fix, its working now :)


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