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Friday, October 4, 2013

My Stella Jones (SJ) stocks are the newest hot stuff of the Canadian scene. So watch out!

I haven't write here for a little while so this is actually the first post of... October. Already October and I am already going on a quite vacation. I am going for a few days to where? To NEW BRUNSWICK. Of course. Where place else could I go hunting, play Casino, enjoy the forest? No place else. Its going to be fun!!!

I have been busy dieting. I am now at my lowest weight ever, I just hope I will be able to keep up while going to vacation. I had bring with me a few shakes. My mom is going to be surprise but hey, I am dieting before Christmas sweet mama.

My grandmother is celebrating her 91th birthday. I bought 2 Laura Secord box, one of a mix of chocolates and the other one a box of rainbow jellies. And for a a family reunion I bought hot chocolate mix Laura Secord and also some truffes and ghost marshmallow candies. Don't worry, its already plan, I won't get more than one of each. Its a $70 right there. I had bring an Oreal magic foundation for my mom. I had it for a while but its a bit too dark for my skin, but I think it will be good for her.

My bus ticket cost $130.

And I withdraw $100 from my credit line.

I hope not to spend more than $300. I think its possible. I usually gave them at least $50 before leaving  to cover for the food. I think $50 will be enough.

I also have like a week in December for my vacations. And I also have to save for that. Christmas gift won't be sensational this year.

I had deposit this week paycheck on my margin. I leaving everything possible on it. With what's going on with the States right now, it won't take much for the markets to crash. I don't have a good feeling about this government closing its door. Its really not good. Those Republicans are so a bunch of idiots, they are willing to do whatever it take to make Obama look bad.

There's very good news for Stella Jones (SJ). I had a 6% grow inside my non-register portfolio for that stock and I had experimented much more grow inside my RRSP (because I hold SJ for a longer time inside my RRSP. SJ is going to split in something like 5 or 6. You may want to check it out. Generally speaking, from my own little experience, stocks that split usually earn in value. Why? Because they became more accessible for individual investors. And that usually what happen. And institutions also usually take advantage of such situations. From my point of view, because SJ had been soooo successful in  the past and now, I think the 1 for 5 or 6 or whatever will be very good for the stock. This is very good for the stock.

And I am very happy by the way because a colleague notice that I had lost weight. So sexy will be back soon and  its not anytime soon, after working so hard, that I am going to eat like a pig. My mom cook one of the local meal that is really rich, heavy  potatoes, pork, whatever else. So I am just going to eat half a plate of it on each occasion. Losing weight is not that easy. I lost 10 pounds and I had been on a diet for a bit more than a month. Its possible to lose weight but while trying to do it the healthy way, it take time. So my goal of 16 lbs per month might be too much of what I am really capable of. Loosing 10 lbs per month is about the best I can do without suffering.

I am not suffering right now.


Gaston said...

so.. your 4 or 5 stella jones stock grew a few dollars. what is the % of those stock in your postfolio? it might not mean a damn thing??

Anonymous said...

i would be worried about EIF right now, down about 40% since March and it appears there is more trouble to come. You also have $7 647.90 invested in it, could be a big hit to your portfolio


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