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Thursday, October 24, 2013

My non-registered portfolio is on fire

When the TSX is on fire, my portfolio is on fire too! This is how I easily hit on the $124 683.48 non-registered portfolio value. I hope it will even finish higher on Friday. It will then give me time to post a portfolio value update so I can look good at doing what I am trying to do.

My Telus (T) investment is now at 3.58% following the good news that Telus will soon acquired Public Mobile. Its great to finally see some gain on that one. Also another stock of mine that performed very well lately, its Bombardier (BBD.B). And for the first time in a long long time, I am at at profit on my investment on ABX, +1.31%. It had paid off to follow Susan Brunner foot steps. Susan is going to the Toronto 2013 Money Show and I cannot wait to read bout her findings.

I did a small assignment yesterday with my freelance and with the cold weather that begin to hit on Montreal, I decided that the time had come to extend my freelance activities. One thing I had in mind for quite some time is to generate enough cash from my passive income, investment and freelance activities to pay my minimum monthly expenses each month. That amount is of $1 200. I currently earn $6 480 a year from my dividend income, excluding my RRSP. That make the equivalent of $540. That leave me with a hole of $660. Making an extra income of $660 a month cannot be that hard right? I guess one year pass since I haven't actively work at a second job, but that is about to change. I plan to give the first shoot this weekend and I am just very curious to see what I will find.

Usually, I am pretty lucky. When I lost my job in New Brunswick I quickly find 2 gigs and following what came the job in Montreal that I still have today. I am still doing stuff for one of the 2, the second had closed its department back in October 2011. Everything is going fine and I am not under the impression that I am going to lose my job anytime soon, but I would like to have a security by working on the side. I talked about this I don't know how many times before, but with the nice weather and Montreal being so hot, there're been too many temptations. I easily get distracted.

Anyway, $660 is a pretty realistic amount of $$$ and it shouldn't be that of a trouble to earn.

Next, I have some nice Montreal autumns pictures to post and also pictures took while I was in vacations in New Brunswicks will be post soon, because I guess the Zoombie pictures cannot be just alone on here.

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