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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rain goes well with junk food

I was curious to update my portfolio and its how I found out that my net worth is now of $115 434.88. Not too bad, but I was more set on a 120k net worth. Also, back in January, I had a portfolio of like 190k and now I am down to 189k. I had sold some investments to pay debt, that's explain why my net worth is higher.

Its raining in Montreal, the weather is not nice at all. And during that time, I am picking on Susan Brunner stuff for some investments ideas. But right now, my very own Lumenpulse Inc. (LMP) is hot.


Anonymous said...

Suny, what do you think about XSR-Sirus XM Canada?

Sunny said...

The company dividend yield is quite high for what it is. You can listen to radio for free on the Internet, why someone would pay to get that satellite service?

I prefer more conservative investment - that way, you make sure the money is on a safer net.


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