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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What to do with a $2 000?

I went to New Brunswick for a few days, I just came back yesterday. I will try to post some pictures later on. Before going, I went for my taxes and it went find, with only $500 extra pay in tax money - not too bad. Again, I pop up the 50k income for this year if I remember.

I didn't update my dividend income for April yet but it make a good $527.40 so far. With that money, I currently have at my disposal $2 000 and I keep thinking about what to do with the money. I have that $3 600 student debt that I was looking to pay back until.... I find out about Lumenpulse Inc. (LMP). I was thinking to invest a 1k in LMP inside my TFSA. But with only $3 600 in student debt, I could pay it down veryyyy quickly.

However, investing in Lumenpulse Inc. (LMP) is very tempting because I am very sure that this stock will just grow and grow and grow...

So I have that new idea, to leave a 1k in my bank account and just invest 1k in LMP.

One problem being that I prefer to invest and leaving money in the bank because some serious shit is happening at work, its unbelievable. We had once received an email previously this year saying that we were going to get a raise for April. Great, but a girl that been there for 5 years had been refused the raise for no specific reasons. I was quite shocked to learn the news because I don't know if I told you but I got a raise of more than 6k at work. The girl could had get a 1,5-2% raise I guess but nothing had been provide to her, even if we had received an email from the President saying that we were all going to have a raise. Why would the president write that kind of email to all employees if not all employees were not giving a raise? Soo cruel!

I find it a complete stupid act of cruelty and extreme arrogance. The girl is leaving at the end of the month, I guess she had find something else. Some other rude stuff like that had been going on for a while and its really sad. One day, the people responsible will have to pay of those cruel acts.

Stuff like this make me wanna leave just like her as fast as I can.

You have said shitty job in Montreal? Oh fuck yes.


Liquid said...

Doesn't sound like a very competent president, and I feel bad for the girl. I've been lucky to receive small raises every year at the company I work at. But I know the job market can be so unpredictable sometimes. After things at your work becomes more stable maybe you can use the $1K in your savings to pay down some student loan.

Sunny said...

I know, its very sad. I understand that in some years, no raise is giving, like for last year, but this year, the president took time to write an email regarding raise and I read again the email today and it was really like everyone was going to get a raise so imagine not being giving one and your been there for 5 years - this year being her 6 one there... Its just very horrible and hurting me very much. But she'll be leaving in May, I guess she found another job. I just hope she's leaving for another job.

Those are the kind of things that make it extremely hard for me to remain in the workforce. Money is good, but the shit is hard!

I didn't invest in LMP yet. I didn't do anything with the 2k yet, I am a bit too lost and watching LMP going on the market.

Anonymous said...

pay off your debt market correction coming 10-30%

Sunny said...

Correction can come at anytime, I am ready.


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