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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Father of the TFSA died today. RIP Jim Flaherty and thank you for the tax free dividend cash

We all knew the man was sicked - I even suspected him to be alcoholic when he was alive. Just a few weeks after he retired, Jim Flaherty died at home from a heart attack. It would had been great to watch his career in the private sector, but unfortunately, the father of the TFSA is no longer with us. Its been said that  he had children. My mom and dad are about the same age, and I wouldn't like to lose them so soon in life.

I had been quite busy since last week as I am trying to put more efforts on my freelancing activities. Its going on well and I could make 1k - $1 500 just my working part-time. Once job I had 2 years ago was suddenly cut off, but it started over again lately. Its rough to get back in the routine because a lot had changed. I have one project completed... so I slowly moving on. 

Even if I got a raised of more than $6 000 at work (yeah, yeah, you are reading correctly), I prefer to have something on the side because I don't trust my employer. See, my student loan will soon be paid off. After that, only my margin account will remain. I have a margin debt of $70 000. If I can save $30 000 a year or about, my margin could be paid in less than 3 years... And that's possible now because of my current raised and self-employed work. When figuring that out, I was quite impress. I could actually save enough to retire by 40. Maybe. And if now, I will have my dividend and self-employed to make my living.

You could imagined that I have a super job because I got a raised, but co-workers can be very fresh, just like the superiors. They are Quebeckers, so I barely talked to them, the strict minimum, a little talk, just what is needed. Its not a pleasure to be living in Quebec province, especially now that the Liberal Party had been elected. I don't know what the hell Quebeckers were thinking, but gees, this is getting grotesque. Just watch Quebec province flying sky high into debt. This is just another proof of how stupid the Quebec mass is. Some had forget that Liberal are all about bullshit. Short term memory, I guess. I mean really, everything I write about Quebec is true and of a very honest opinion. I am giving the view of an insider who's heart is outside Quebec and belong somewhere else. I cannot stand the level of selfishness. I cannot stand their lies.

Quebec can be what it is, sometimes, good thing pop up from the shit. Like Jean-François Tardif, for example. Celine Dion, if you like her. But here, at The Dividend Girl blog, we are about money. And I have find what could be my next pot of gold. And the pot of gold is right here in Montreal! In shit town. Exciting, ohhh yeah! 

The extraordinary thing is name: Lumenpulse Inc. Its an extreme interesting company - I will let you do your search. Once of its competitor in the US, Philips, currently trade at $35 per share. The thing is that Lumenpulse is about to pop up from the initial public offering on April 15. Unfortunately the IPO is not available at TD Waterhouse. Lumenpulse is starting at $16. I think this company had good chances to grow in its sector. The CEO is super interesting, kind of the like of Jean-François Tardif, very smart, could afford retiring because he's already millionaire, but won't because he want to see his business grow. And why seeking for retirement when you can be the king of the world? At least, Jean-François Tardif is MY king. But I guess you all knew that from now, unless you are not really reading or are blind from an eye, left or right.


Anonymous said...

What party would you have voted for? Seems to me the MAJORITY won big time. I'm from Western CANADA,not some province that always wants to separate. To be honest, you people have big egos.

Anonymous said...

How are you following Derek Foster to know he is 100% in US stocks?

Sunny said...

You can listen to his video series to learn that.


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