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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wanna make money on the stock market? JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) is a good option

Good dividend earnings in March with more than $500 in earnings. My non-registered portfolio close today session at $135 958, which is quite good. Lately, stocks like Black Diamond Group Ltd (BDI), Stella Jones Inc. (SJ) and Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL), among other. Even my Just Energy is going up up up so things are pretty hot. And Enbridge Inc. (ENB) is what we could consider a hot stock right now according to Rob Carrick. But before Rob Carrick, someone else taught about Enbridge Inc. (ENB) as good investment: Derek Foster! :) Smart investors who had followed Derek Foster from the start are really rich now.

With my upcoming paycheck, I will have 2k at my disposal. My tax declaration cost me $70 to be done. After what I probably going to have to pay max 1k extra in taxes. I would be surprise if it will be more. I have a 1k at my disposal. But to do what? I already have a good collection of stocks, I hold the best (yes!) :including JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) of the love Jean-François Tardif. I check on the man - only on Google unfortunately - once in a while and in my latest search, the latest news about Tardif was a BNN interview, back in December 2013 I think. And at that time, he was saying that the US was the place to be - no matter if the market goes up or down. Well done, because nothing seem to beat the US. 

JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) started with a slow grow, but I think the fund had proven now to be quite stable in value and grow, which is quite something. Other funds like the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund are only  good to make you lose money.

Derek Foster is almost 100% invested in the US market, smart guy, I could picks from his US picks and tadam, no problem, hello nice and easy cashhhhhhhh, marvelous cash. With only 1k, the dividend income wouldn't be much in the immediate so I have a better plan.

The balance of my student loan is of $3 634.25 and the monthly payment is of $98. I am much more interested in paying down my student loan to finally get rid of that monthly payment. I had paid off my credit lines, credit cards... I currently have no monthly payments to make if not my student loan and rent. Its getting interesting to pay off my student loan for that reason. After what, I could easily live on $1 200 per month, and I could push it down to the $920 per month. That could become true in 2 months from now (June)... So why not? Its the main reason why I am so interested in paying off my student loan now.


Anonymous said...

Where are you getting information about JFS.UN from? I can't find anything about it anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Sunny-In the past five years has your dividend income grown? It seems like every post, it stays the same at approx $600/month.

Just wondering..


Sunny said...

I know! And its the same thing for Jean-François Tardif! Its like I am the only female blogger of the wholly world to have a thing for him.

I mean really???? Go figure what's wrong. I am the smartest of all or what???

Ok, so JF is all mine! Argg


Sunny said...

It did grow compare to what it use to be in the early beginning. Trust income are no longer and that played against.

But now I am back on track after selling off a few stocks that I no longer wanted and I think my dividend income will grow faster, especially once my student loan will be paid off (I will begin to invest again after that).

Anonymous said...

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