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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wanna say goodbye to Sprott Inc. (SII) 4ever

I just came back from a short vacations (pictures should follow in next post) and the TSX ost 100 points today. My non-registered portfolio is at $136 592.08, it didn't bother much, but if the TSX go lower, I will do lower too.

There's been a halt trading apply on Sprott Inc. (SII). From what I understand, someone somewhere is looking to buy for 60 millions worth of Sprott Inc. (SII). Could Sprott Inc. (SII) hit on the $10 per share like in the old days? Hummm... maybe. I try to place a sell order for $10 per stock but TD Waterhouse didn't want to take the value saying the price difference between the current less than $4 per share and my expected $10 was too high. That stupid TD Waterhouse broker is costing me a f $ 9.99 per operation and the f system doesn't want to execute my orders.

My mom is coming to Montreal soon and I already have enough of that family things. For what I have left as vacations, I want the days all for myself with no one to visit and chat because I have too. it begin to make too much of proximity for my taste.

I am f selfish rich bitch. And rich bitch only get richer. f



DivHut said...

Sorry to hear your frustration with SII. Sometimes even the best investing intentions you may have can be thwarted by a discount brokerage firm.

Anonymous said...

Canadian brokers are a complete joke. Interactive Brokers is the only one that is remotely useful but it only has non-registered accounts.

Commission is less than 1$/100 shares.


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