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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My experience at Au Pied de Cochon Food Truck

For the really first time ever, my non-registered portfolio pop the 138k mark! I closed today session at a good $138 253.16. The $140 000 portfolio is not too far away. I didn't know that until now, but let say I celebrate the big boom at Au Pied de Cochon! 

I watch a TV show last night, Les Chefs at Radio Canada. Its a French Quebec TV show were cooks compete between each other. And the special guest was Martin Picard, who run Au Pied de Cochon. Yesterday, the cooks had to do a poutine au foie gras and a twist hot dog home made. It was fun to match and it gave me the idea - I guess like many others - to check on where could be the Au Pied de Cochon food truck today. They have Facebook page where they display their schedule and emplacement. Today, the food truck was at McCord Museum right downtown, the perfect and easy location.

I order a number 2 special but unfortunately for me, they didn't have any Maple soda - I had to switch for a bottle of water - and they didn't have any petite bricohe sucrée (that's a dessert) - I had an unwanted switch to the oreilles de crisse... And I also had a poutine au foie gras (wanted) and something they call a verrat (kind of a pogo that come with a sauce of your choice - I had picked cheddar). The poutine au foie gras came in a small portion - but was very good. All together, the meal was quite heavy.

I am very curious about the maple soda and the brioche sucrée of Gabrielle, so I guess I will have to go back by the end of the summer, and I will try to take a few pictures at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dividend Girl! I follow you since a while, and I really like your progress and even with the october market correction, you still manage to have a good amount :).

Do you mind if I ask you a question. When you buy US Stock on NYSE, how does it work for the tax on capital gains? Which form do you have to fill to pay it to the US Government? Thanks in advance and all the best for reaching your goals! :)

Sunny said...


I am not very active in the US market. I only one investment in US and I really have no clue how it work for capital gains.

Your broker usually will provide all the papers you need for your tax declaration.


Thank you

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