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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thank you for the free cash Jean-François Tardif

Once again, the automatic sell order I had set up at TD Waterhouse didn't go through and I am quite upset about it - I will explain why. Anyhow, since I am in vacation, I just watch at the  JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) value now on since TD Waterhouse is not reliable and tadammm... it was at $12.55. THANK YOU Jean-François Tardif for the "free" labor! I have to say that currently, TD Waterhouse is giving the value of $12.55 per unit to our famous JFS.UN. I once wrote that I was using Jean-François Tardif as cash cow and that's what I did. I wouldn't mind to use him as lover as well but that's something else.

Anyway, noticing that JFS.UN was at $12.55 on both platform, I look at my account activity but the order wasn't going through!!!! So I cancel the automatic sell order, went back in my account activity to see if it had went through anyway.. and no... so I made a sell order at the market for a few units (41 actually) of JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) and the order went through right away!

What happen?

Its not that TD Waterhouse is that of a shitty broker --- its the Dividend Girl who is a shitty investor lol

Its because the bid was at $12.51 - the selling price. I sell at $12.51 and I am really happy because I had ranked with over $1k on my credit card and the $500 I collect today will help me to pay for all of my outrageous vacation spending. 

My mom is enjoying her stay and she's currently cooking lunch. She needs to come more often ;-)


PC said...

If you don't like paying $9.99 per trade at TD Waterhouse, you should consider switching over to Virtual Brokers. I pay like a penny per share. This really cuts down your cost especially if you're trading small amount of shares. It's super cheap. Something for you to consider.

Dividend Eclipse said...

Been reading your blog for quite some time and it gave me the inspiration to track my own progress.
So thank you

Anonymous said...

The problem is that you had an odd lot order so most likely it was pocketed by td rather than being sent to the market and queued.


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